The 25 April is enshrined in the Australian national character as a day not only for remembering Australia's war dead, but also for celebrating all that is uniquely and proudly Australian. It provides a cultural and sentimental national rallying point where other commemorations such as Australia Day

Should the United States Increase Foreign Aid to Africa in Order to Help Meet the Millennium Development Goals?

Is a large North American free trade bloc a laudable project? Should it be supported, or is free trade in this area a curse rather than a blessing?

The G8(The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada, and Russia) has been expanded to include 12 more Countries, changes highlighting the expanse are moreover, a move towards co-dependence, group influence,less power/rights for individual Countries and more equanimity/tolerance

Europe and America have regularly but not consistently tied aid to developing countries to human rights. After all the US gives billions, and not just humanitarian aid but also dollars for military equipment, to Egypt,Israel and Saudi Arabia. More recently China has been willing
to invest in

Should India and Pakistan allow a plebiscite on self-determination in Kashmir?