Should the Kurds finally be granted their own sovereign homeland? Or should they be content with greater autonomy within existing states?

Should outside nations or international organisations become involved in the military conflict in the Russian province of Chechnya?

Is it ever acceptable to pay a bribe? Should companies who pay bribes abroad be prosecuted for it in their own countries? Should the ones who give bribes be treated equally to those who take bribes?

Should the European Union become a federal superstate, with consequent loss of national sovereignty for member countries?

Is nationalism always a force for bad, or can it sometimes bring benefits?

Is true long-term cooperation between two former enemies possible or is it an alliance of temporary convenience to fight the war on terrorism? What are the benefits and dangers from such cooperation for the allies and for the world community?

Do American companies with factories overseas exploit workers with low pay and poor conditions? Should American consumers continue to buy products made in such factories? Should the US government seek to include labor standards in the terms of trade deals with foreign governments?