Over the past fifty years Africa has received approximately £1 trillion of aid from western countries, yet its dismal economic state remains. It seems inexplicable how such vast quantities of capital have contributed to no avail, surely this cannot be true. Nevertheless, the recent publishing of

Israel has consistently oppressed and subjugated the Palestinians. They have brutalised an entire people in an attempt to punish the few who, understandably, want to fight back against years of attacks. It is time the world stood up to Israel, got over Holocaust guilt and started to help the milli

Should we be worried about the size and influence of Sovereign wealth funds as they buy stakes in companies across the globe? Should governments act to regulate such funds and to restrict their activities?

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, are remotely controlled aircrafts. They are often armed with missiles or bombs to attack the enemy. From the time of the World Trade Center attacks, the United States has used countless numbers of drones to kill suspected terrorists in countries throug

Many western governments are being embarrassed by their previous support for autocratic regimes that are now either toppling or looking precarious. For example Sarkozy’s government in France is under attack for various cabinet ministers accepting holidays with friends of Tunisia’s ex-dictator Be

"In 1998 when NATO troops came into Kosovo, Albanians drove the Roma out while the NATO forces stood by. A community of 10,000 Roma had been living for centuries in a mahalla near the river. But the Albanians wanted revenge and the land; they got both.

In spite of repeated warnings,

Should foreign aid donor nations and the World Bank continue to give the majority of their aid through the direct channel of Official Development Assistance (ODA), or should they instead give that aid indirectly to Charities, NGO’s, PVO’s and microfinance initiatives? (NB. See also Bilateral .vs

The Scottish government's release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the only person to have been convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, has prompted accusations that Britain ordered the release as part of an agreement on oil and gas.

The West has long been willing to entertain dictatorial a

It is difficult to argue whether the war in Afghanistan has lost all purpose because the purpose is impossible to define. Quite frankly, how much can we ever really know? Originally, Mr Bush considered it as a means of reaching Osama Bin Laden. Originally, it aimed at unravelling the network across