Should the developed world focus on enabling trade or donating aid as a way to help the developing world?

Should NATO Expand to the East ? Will the proposed NATO expansion consolidate or eliminate stability in Europe ?

Should mercenaries be recognised as a legitimate part of warfare and given the same rights as soldiers?

Although still a controversial subject, there is a growing consensus that global climate changes are being caused by environmental pollution, especially by greenhouse gases. Do we need to take more urgent action to halt this trend?

Should the United States participate in UN peacekeeping operations and, if so, should the United States permit its troops to serve as UN troops (rather than as US troops under an independent command)?

Should we be governed by a 'world government', with the United Nations Assembly becoming a directly elected parliament? Should nation-states give up more of their sovereignty to supranational institutions?

Does the Islamic Republic of Iran have the right to develop nuclear weapons, or are the USA and its allies justified in placing sanctions on Iran as a result of suspicions about its nuclear program?