The Argentineans are banging the drums over the Falkland islands or Malvinas as they call them. This is both because potentially large quantities of oil have been found within the waters near the islands so providing an economic motivation and because the government in Argentina is increasingly unpo

Climate change is the most important challenge facing the world today. Every country should recognise the importance of tackling climate change by creating a climate change ministry. This could coordinate efforts both within each country and between nations rather than the foreign office negotiating

Ben Ali the Tunisian dictator for 23 years has been overthrown in the first popular revolution in a modern Arab state. All previous such overthrows have been coups carried out by other members of the elite or the military. Following the Tunisian people’s example the Egyptians are protesting agains

I have always been thinking that 1-child policy can automatically solve EACH AND EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM OF HUMANKIND: energy supply and demand, energy poverty, petro-politics, climate change, and biodiversity loss. That's in theory. However, as I have been looking at China to see how its effect would

The United Nations is on a mission to alleviate extreme poverty in Africa by 2010. Such a mission requires a definition of poor as people living below a designated specified level of poverty,which entails that only what is defined as poor Not what they are pushing the brakes on what 'is', or may be

Affirmative Action was introduced to counter the effects of apartheid. However, the first democratic elections took place 14 years ago and yet affirmative action policies have strengthened. The policies, although implemented for an admirable purpose, have done the economy and moral of the country’

Over the past decade, the USA has adopted at least 15,000 children internationally each year. Due to less regulation, corruption and human trafficking, these poorer such as Guatemala are facing serious issues. The corruption and human trafficking have become so severe that countries such as Romania

Ever since the DJP was elected the main foreign policy issue that has affected the party has been an attempt to find a renegotiate a deal for a US base in Okinawa. This has become the defining issue of Prime Minister Hatoyama’s premiership. He has less than a month until a self imposed deadline on

Since the financial crisis it has been increasingly obvious that while China is not yet as powerful as the USA the US is no longer the lone superpower. China is an economic power and is beginning to throw its weight around in its own neighbourhood. It is claiming the whole of the South China sea in

Enlargement of NATO is not new. From its creation in 1949 to the break-up of the Soviet Union NATO expanded 3 times, in 1952; Greece and Turkey, 1955; Germany and 1982; Spain. This brought the alliance up to 16 members. The significance of the eastern Expansion can be seen in the raw fact that there

"Oh Flower of Scotland, when will we see your likes again?.." Anyway Scotland has a long history as a separate kingdom and then a separate nation under the British crown until 1707. The policy of the SNP, currently the biggest party in the Scottish parliament is to ultimately gain independence. It

Should democratic countries unite in a League of Democracies in order to act together in the international arena?