Should foreign aid donor nations and the World Bank continue to give the majority of their aid through the direct channel of Official Development Assistance (ODA), or should they instead give that aid indirectly to Charities, NGO’s, PVO’s and microfinance initiatives? (NB. See also Bilateral .vs

Should Iceland apply to join the European Union? And should the EU fast-track an Icelandic application to let the North Atlantic country in as soon as possible?

Should the United States or any other State continue to reject the International Criminal Court (ICC)? Is the ICC both dangerous to democracy and doomed to fail?

Should Kosovo become an independent state? Or should it remain a part of Serbia within the Serbia-Montenegro federation, but with some autonomy?

Does China give the rest of the world reasons for fear, in political, economic or social terms? Or is the ‘Terror from the East’ merely a myth ?