New Zealand is a country in the South Pacific 2,000km south west of Australia. This isolation combined with its low population density means that it is reletively unpolluted. As a developed country New Zealand ranks highly on development and quality of life for its residents ranking highly on areas

It has been twenty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany but the inequalities between the two Germany's remain i.e. East Germany is poorer than West Germany.

Is it possible for a modern government to pursue an active foreign policy with ethics at the centre? Should governments always try to do the moral thing?

Will free trade benefit third world countries? Does it harm developed countries? Could it serve a universal good? Is free trade a realistic goal?

During the 1990’s many saw the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as an alliance without a purpose, it was deprived of its enemy with the fall of the USSR and the Warsaw pact. The organisation thought it might have found its purpose with out of area operations such as rebuilding Afghanistan. Howev

In recent years the UN and other International Organizations have pointed out as a major problem for this Century the shortage of water availability for human usage. The crisis is a widespread phenomenon but specially affects under-developed countries, where life can be seriously jeopardized due to

Russia was a favorite for many investors but Prime Minister Putin initially showed no interest in F.I.F.A nor the commercialism it would bring. Putin was not in Zurich when the bid was made but has denounced smear campaigns against the event.
Now he seems to be somewhat supportive. Concerns a