Dame Joan Bakewell, who opposed a crusade against sex in broadcasting in the 60s, has said the freedom granted to women by the pill has been corrupted and ended in the sexualisation of young girls. Essentially she is now agreeing with her opponent Mary Whitehouse on part of the issue. The pill gave

The British government, through their actions have caused the deaths of more than a million civilians, during the "Irish Potato Famine", and other atrocities as well. Similar actions were taken in other countries throughout the world.

British empire was built on corpses of millions o

In 1776 the thirteen colonies declared independence from Great Britain. Unsurprisingly the 18th Century Britons took a dim view at this rebellion and sought to put it down resulting in a war that went on for seven years with the colonies receiving independence in the Treaty of Paris in 1783. The war

The English mowed down the French knights with just a lightly armed force fighting with the welsh longbow. As indeed had the English on many earlier occasions in the 'hundred years war'. Agincourt has however become one of our defining English legends while Crecy and Poitiers have not. However what

Anne Boleyn the second of Henry VIII's wives was executed for committing adultery with multiple lovers including her brother. The allegations have normally been considered to have been fabricated simply as a way to get her out of the way as she was failing in the same way her predecessor Catherine o

Today many wonder is the walk on the Moon really authentic or is it a cruel deception,was it really a big step for man kind or simply a big step for Photo Shop?Is the walk on the Moon ,rightfully, Americas` pride or was it just a good tool for the predominance in the world?Did America really have th

One of the most controversial issues of the twentieth century is the decision by President Truman to use the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In doing so he may have saved millions of lives but he ushered in the start of the nuclear age that still casts its shadow. Even today we are still unab