According to the Center for Disease Control, diet as a factor “contributes substantially to the burden of preventable illness and premature death in the U.S. Because of this, it is important that the national health promotion and disease prevention objectives that encourage schools to provide nutr

National uptake of the triple vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella is 86 per cent, as confidence recovers after the unfounded autism scare. But after years of research, after so much controversy, after so many cases of the measles, should MMR be made compulsory or is it still a controversial m

PSYCHOLOGY - The medical condition Schizophrenia (not to be confused with multiple personality disorder) is a debilitating psychological condition, and although there are treatments available it is unclear as to what causes schizophrenia in the first place. Some theories suggest the condition may or

Babies who are born to drug using parents are much more likely to develop learning difficulties and have other problems. Beyond the simple health issues there are questions about the treatment such children receive growing up when their parents are drug addicts. Such children are therefore likely to

The use of cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco related products and the incidence of diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease, is a misnomer. In fact, recent research shows that nicotine use could have health benefits.

According to the UK's Royal Society, by 2050 the world's population is estimated to reach around nine billion. Population increase has been a topic of debate and concern over the last fifty years, but feels perhaps even more of an urgent and pertinent issue to address in the context of current conce

Smokers use a disproportionate amount of healthcare resources, second-hand smoke causes illnesses in others and the disgusting smell gets into hair, clothes and furniture. It is a selfish habit which should not be indulged but actively punished.

The latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) has seen more classifications of mental illness than any previous edition. Does this mean that we are developing more mental illnesses, or are we simply finding new labels for types that have already been around

A recent study at the University of Michigan has shown that arguing is good for your health. Essentially having the argument is better than avoiding the confrontation. Avoiding the conflict more often lead to abnormal rates of Cortisol generation, causing more physical stress symptoms the next day.

Teens use drugs all the time. When they do they do not think about what they are doing to themselves. teens get harmed in many negative ways when they do use the drugs. Schools are one sorce that can help guide these teens into not using the drugs but the schools do not do enough because it is still