The PIGS (Portugal, Ireland/Italy, Greece and Spain) are increasingly gaining more attention as their deficits and debts become bigger and their economies freeze up. Greece is at the centre of the current crisis and may turn out to be the first domino to go. Plans have been submitted for slashing th

The G8(The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada, and Russia) has been expanded to include 12 more Countries, changes highlighting the expanse are moreover, a move towards co-dependence, group influence,less power/rights for individual Countries and more equanimity/tolerance

Dubai is considered in a lot of countries in the world a place of pure paradise, where everyone is free and you can achieve anything you want. Recently journalists have started to challenge this view with a recent panorama programme and opinion article in the independent highlighting 'The dark side

The collapse of Lehman Brothers caused a shock throughout the global economy. Saving the bank might have saved the world economy from plunging into the worst recession since the 1930s Great Depression. Was it worth letting Lehman fail when the US government has been willing to save other banks that

At the moment Britain goes by Greenwich Mean Time(G.M.T), but in the summer the clocks move forward an hour to give brighter evenings and one hour for people to work in. Moving to British summer time all year would however simplify things and have a multitude of other benefits to the economy.

We think that fast food advertising should be banned for many reasons for example, many fast food companies have supporting chariities (ronald mcdonald house), fast food adds dontt actually force you to buy a product they only suggest it, also fast food buisness men make their money out of their fas