Consumers are caught in a difficult situation. Many still have large debts that they want to clear or have less secure jobs than they had during the boom times so are unwilling to spend more. Indeed they want to save for a rainy day but are punished for doing so by very interest rates that are lower

The financial markets have responded well to the creation of a coalition government. The Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives are both committed to sorting out the deficit. There have not been huge falls in the stock market(specifically the London Stock Exchange); contradicting expectations. This

Over the past decade many countries in what we know as the 'third world' have borrowed huge sums of money from wealthier countries in times of strife. Do these debts now hanging like nooses around countries necks? Are they preventing economic expansion and ultimately wealthier populations?

Globalisation comes in for a lot of flack from all sides. It is blamed for making the world more western, riding roughshod over other cultures. It damages the livelihood of millions, particularly of farmers but also in Manufacturing in countries like the USA. Globalisation however has many upsides,

A lot has been in the news regarding the effect the snow and cold weather has had on our economy, and most agree that the snow has been disastrous for a recession struck financial structure. However, can we find the positive aspects that the snow has had on our economy?

The world is fast approaching an economic collapse that would rival the Great Depression of the 1930's. The market, on its own, has appeared to be a dismal failure in halting decline. This has strengthened the case for once taboo massive governmental fiscal intervention. Should governments spend the

We all applaud when very rich people pledge to give away most of their billions, but they are usually left with millions to pass on, still much more than most people would expect to earn in their lifetime. It seems obvious that these very rich people don’t need all of their wealth so should give i

Speculators are often accused of causing the woes of a countrys economy, they cause companies to go bust when they loose confidence unecessarily, and they push exchange rates in the 'wrong' direction or cause a 'readjustment' into a crisis. How much impact do they really have?