One of the major sticking points at the Copenhagen conference was the need for scrutiny of greenhouse gas emissions. It helped kill any potential deal that might have had binding targets or deeper reductions in CO2 emissions. While the USA and other developed countries insist on as much scrutiny as

Should everyone have access to the countryside, even when it’s privately owned?

A groundbreaking new model for environmental policy risk evaluation, the Precautionary Principle is highly controversial - how should the US and the UN approach it?

Should there be a worldwide ban on the use of driftnets to catch fish, including within each country’s Exclusive Economic Zone?

Anthropogenic climate Change has become a topic in the mainstream, with everyone having a view. But does it really stack up against terrorism, disease and famine as true threats to humanity? ....or has it merely become a front for the anti-capitalist agenda?

For many an artificial Christmas tree is so much simpler than having a real Christmas tree, after all there is no need to go and buy one every year and bring it back home, it can simply be taken out of the loft, shed or wherever else it has been kept for the rest of the year. On the other hand it is

The Kyoto Protocol, which came into force in 2005, bound parties to a 'cap and trade' system for the 6 major greenhouse gases. Emitters must buy emission 'credits' to cover their emissions and the total amount of credits cannot exceed the cap. Credits can be bought from those who pollute less whic

Since the climategate scandal that started at the beginning of December 2009 there has been a continuous stream of reports that climate scientists may have been exaggerating their findings or else the evidence those findings are based on may not be rock solid. This has not surprisingly damaged publi

Many enviornmental campaigns gain corperate sponsors. For example Hopenhagen is sponsored by CocaCola, SAP and Simens. These campaigns appeal to corporations as a way to show they are socially consious and associate themselves with a good cause while still getting their brand out. This does not nece

Many religion believe animals don't have souls and therefore are incapable of feeling others believe that because animals don't have the capacity to experience suffering/or enjoyment since they lack the ability for higher consciousness they cannot feel. while some believe they are unconscious beings