There are many different green technologies, either to save power, to capture carbon or to produce green electricity. We even have a wide range of renewable energy sources; tidal, wave, geothermal, solar, wind power, the list goes on. Which technology that is either available or in development has t

Across the world the poorest are facing a new challenge in the form of climate change. In Bolivia the glaciers that are now melting due to climate change have always brought water to communities and this may soon dry up as climate change continues. They are now arguing that those who cause the probl

In 1985 Scientists who were a part of the British Antarctic Survey published results showing that there was a hole in the ozone layer above the Antarctic shocking the scientific community as the decline was far higher than anticipated. In a rare case of quick action to an environmental threat, later

A new campaign 10:10 has been launched aiming to sign people up to reducing their carbon footprint by 10% during 2010. While there is a lot of publicity surrounding the need for countries, states and cities to cut their carbon footprint there is less focus where it matters; on individuals. With our

The system being used, Cap and trade, means relying on the market to solve a problem that to a large extent capitalism and markets have created. It is an attempt to solve a problem that the cost of the goods and services we consume takes into account the resources, labour used to make them, as well

On 15th January the British government approved the construction of a third runway for Heathrow Airport, Europe's busiest airport. Whilst the project still requires planning permission, it has become subject to a huge controversy particularly opposed by environmentalists. Through the expansion of He

There are tens of thousands of foxes in Britain’s towns and cities, but we rarely see them as they are mostly nocturnal and are scared of people. However one fox ambled in to the Koupparis household in London and savaged twin babies Lola and Isabella. So should we be worried about foxes or is this

Conservationalists are usually against killing animals however they are leading a campaign against American mink in Britain. The mink is an invasive species that first arrived in the UK for fur farms in the 1950s. There were quickly escapees that began colonising Britain. The advance of the mink has

Governments are almost always behind the curve when it comes to environmental issues, they are pressured by environmental campaigners for years and then when they do something they just as quickly break their promises. The Environment is not a core issue for governments, their main concerns are to d

Biofuels are often seen as a possible short term miracle cure for all sorts of ills, most obvious is climate change, they are zero carbon as burning them is simply putting the CO2 that has already been taken out of the atmosphere by the plants in order to grow. But biofuels also have other uses, fro

A chimp called Santino in Furuvik Zoo in Sweden has rekindled interest in the similarities between chimpanzees and human beings by being observed to be capable of forward planning. Santino was observed stockpiling stones before the zoo opens so that he can throw them at visitors once they arrive. Th

The developing world has not killed off the Copenhagen accord. The conference 'took note' of the agreement, rather than fully adopting it as not everyone wants it or believes it is good enough. This means that we have an agreement out of copenhagen, even if it is not the agreement everyone was looki

Should the international ban on the hunting of whales be lifted?