In this day and age, people fly abroad at any given opportunity, but at the same time there are growing concerns about the effect this has on the environment. Should the prices of flights be taxed more heavily so prices rise and people fly less?

Are biofuels a better alternative to fossil fuels? Should their use be encouraged by government regulations and subsidy?

Non-renewable fuel such as coal and gas are used up at a rate much faster than they will ever be replaced naturally. This means we will at one point run out of non-renewable fuel to provide energy for our use. Wind farms have been touted by many as the solution to this dilemma. Would this work, and

Do non-human animals have rights? I am going to look at this question partly from the viewpoint of ethics in science and partly considering how major religions treat this question. Those not interested in religious arguments per se would do well to consider at least the ethical angles involved i

There are a lot of breeders in the reptile hobby that believe Wild Caught reptiles are a must for certain breeding projects. Captive bred snakes are often so mixed up with being bred with other similar species that you often do not know what you are getting. Is catching snakes in the wild for breedi

Although still a controversial subject, there is a growing consensus that global climate changes are being caused by environmental pollution, especially by greenhouse gases. Do we need to take more urgent action to halt this trend?