Calls are being made by teachers, and teaching unions to scrap key stage 2 tests for 11 year olds; the governement have abolished Key Stage 3 tests for 14 year olds. However Ed Balls the school secetary has so far resisted all calls to extend this to national key stage 2 tests.

Can there be a much more useless subject than history, everything that you learn about has already happened and is in the past. It is often a long way in the past and you can’t even go and talk to people who participated in that bit of history. History is also difficult to teach, it is both vast a

Children are not created equal. Behind the comprehensive education system is some bizarre, fundamentally flawed and discredited communistic notion about equality for all. Of course everyone should have access to superb education; everyone should be superbly educated. But not every child can benefit

There should be a limit on homework. As in only a certain amount of assignments per subject.
There is a section in school agenda's that tell us how much time each grade should spend on homework every day/week. But realistically, some students are getting WAY to much homework while other stud

Research supports the premise that longer school days improve the overall quality of instruction which can be provided for students. In countries where the school day is longer students gain superior results on standardised tests.
It stands to reason that more hours face to face with studen

Exam season is now upon us again, and hundreds of thousands of students across the country will be sitting up late at night desperately cramming last minute information in the vain hope that it will somehow result in a better grade. However studies have shown that this method is not a sensible way t

Our current administration is considering withholding certain funding for schools unless states adopt merit pay for teachers. Do you think teachers' pay should be based on the success of their students and district?

It is a widely debated topic in our education system. president Obama believed we should have one so we could improve national test scores. There are many pros and cons on the issue, between year round schooling and traditional schooling ( 3 month summer break). What is your opinion on the issue. Al

There is an option to drop out of highschool in grade 11.
Research shows, 90% of students who drop out of highschool regret it during the first year.
Dropping out of highschool isn't exactly a great option. To drop out of highschool, you should have a better reason, like having a bab

Many elementary teachers use rewards to motivate students to exhibit appropriate behavior and to achieve academically. Research shows, however, that rewards have limited utility as motivators and are effective only when used under specific conditions. There is also a philosophical argument against u