The number of graduate applicants per position has more than doubled in the past two years. In the context of the significantly fewer positions made available on the market, as well as the number of redundancy figures since the recession, universities seem to be generating an ever increasing number

Should the USA abandon national testing in schools? Or should testing be extended so that the federal government sets the same tests for every school?

Free schools are a core part of the Conservative election manifesto. Every parent should be allowed to set up their own schools if they wish. However should private companies be able to profit from setting up these new schools? Michael Gove the Schools minister says he has ‘no ideological objectio

Social media is the most up to date way of communicating; young people in particular are hooked. Yet as with many such technologies schools mostly consider social networks to be detrimental to learning and they are restricted or banned in schools. Instead social media should be embraced as a way of

Should 'safe sex' be promoted in schools through sexual education classes? Or are lessons that stick strictly to human biology or use abstinence-based programmes to be preferred?

It certainly seems like it matters where you go to university. There is great competition for top universities around the world. Many even pay a lot more to get into one of the best universities; presumably there is some reward for the cost at the end. Is a first or 2/1 from Oxford really better tha

Ofsted have claimed that “Mixed-sex schools are not doing enough to promote girls’ confidence and ambitions” on account of the fact that female students seem more inclined to take classes, or do work experience, in roles that are typically considered female, such as taking textiles or helping

The internet has had massive benefits for academia. Suddenly where before there was only one library that students could easily access now there are millions of books online, archives can be uploaded and many journals are published online. Getting access to the relevant information for research and

People believe that children who go to single sex schools have a higher pass rate. However when we look at the way they relate to society shows that they should be in a mixed school as they can not interact with other people