16 schools have taken up Michael Gove's plan to cast off the National Curriculum and set their own rules. Parents will be able to play a bigger part in their child's education. They may end up teaching some unusual things such as etiquette and fine dining and bring about a return of Latin. While the

The recently heated debate as to whether or not tuition fees for universities should be increased has lead to some vice-chancellors declaring that they want to increase charges to up to £20,000 whilst Malcolm Grant, chairman of the Russell Group which represents 20 of the top higher-education resea

The amount of poor behavior in certain schools is still quite a lot we need to put in an effort into creating new disciplinary practices that are more effective and will reduce behavior problems in schools. yes discipline in schools should be definately iimproved because the students are getting spo

Business Secretary of the new coalition Government has espoused the idea of shaking up the way in which Universities are funded. He wishes to replace tuition fees with a graduate tax that graduates pay. Like income tax, this graduate tax will vary according to income levels. Given the problem of uni

Many reasonably wealthy parents send their children to state schools on principle. Maybe this is admirable, but it means that families who would be prepared to pay more for their child's education end up paying little. If they sent their children to private school, on the other hand, they would be s

Politicians have recently said that universities need to cut their budgets but this will mean that there will be fewer places. Cuts need to be made to save money and to help this country out of debt but making these cuts in education will have a huge impact. There are other areas where cuts should b