Business Secretary of the new coalition Government has espoused the idea of shaking up the way in which Universities are funded. He wishes to replace tuition fees with a graduate tax that graduates pay. Like income tax, this graduate tax will vary according to income levels. Given the problem of uni

The number of graduate applicants per position has more than doubled in the past two years. In the context of the significantly fewer positions made available on the market, as well as the number of redundancy figures since the recession, universities seem to be generating an ever increasing number

Should the USA abandon national testing in schools? Or should testing be extended so that the federal government sets the same tests for every school?

Should 'safe sex' be promoted in schools through sexual education classes? Or are lessons that stick strictly to human biology or use abstinence-based programmes to be preferred?

People believe that children who go to single sex schools have a higher pass rate. However when we look at the way they relate to society shows that they should be in a mixed school as they can not interact with other people