Each person has a right to choose his or her preferences. You are not gay nor straight nor bisexual but simply choose as you wish. You choose who to have all types of relationships with, including those of a sexual nature. You could be sexually attracted to either gender at any time based on your cu

In response to the 'Alpha course' adverts placed on the side of buses across England, atheist and agnostic parties have created their own adverts saying that, "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

This has caused outcry amongst various sectors of the UK popu

A 2.5% cut is miniscule. It is a saving of less than 20p for every ten pounds spent. And that’s if the greedy shops even pass on the discount. This idea, the centrepiece of the rescue package will do nothing to help poorer families and will certainly not help stimulate the economy in any meanin

United Kingdom as an island nation has always been a bit isolated from the rest of Europe. While the continental Europeans seem to get along well with each other and be increasingly considering themselves European we lag behind. Britain is as Euroskeptic as ever. No one is willing to make the case f