Until the twentieth century Art was mostly about beauty or perfection. Art had to stand apart from everyday life and give someone pause. Art has however morphed into including ugly things, or everyday items that are simply classed as 'art' because someone says it is. How are the critics taken in by

I am talking about use and misuse/abuse of the internet.
These days most persons are misusing the internet instead of using it productively.
They waste time on social networking sites.
Students are falling academically because they are addicted to rubbish on the world wide web.<

We've heard of cyber-stalking crimes. The stories are most commonly of young underage women taking naked pictures of themselves and adult men flashing them all over the internet, a middle-aged woman/man pretending to be child coerced a child to commit suicide via a chat-room, young adolescents duped

In a democratic society, law is used to ensure the efficient social progress and to protect citizens. The focus on an efficient society sometimes is prioritised over protecting and serving citizens. Citizens who live in countries under dictatorship are even more likely to be exposed to unjust laws.

And is it a good thing if it is?
Should British children all be atheists until they can 'choose' what to believe? Should children be forced to believe in atheism? should children choose what to believe at all?

Garry Small conducted some tests with experienced web surfers and novices on their brain activity. He scanned their brains while they were surfing the net. The experienced internet users there was much more brain activity in the prefrontal cortex. Having had the novice surfers spend an hour a day su

We all like to win; so a cooperative game where everybody gets something 'should' be desirable for everyone who is risk-averse and diplomatic. However, risk takers prefer zero-sum games; in which there is a clear winner and loser/losers.

The Nash equilibrium is an example of a cooperat

The Pentagon has drawn up a report that accuses Wikileaks of being a threat to US national security. Wikileaks is a website where whistleblowers can publish documents anonymously without fear that they can be tracked and therefore punished. The website has published videos of the US army and Air for

The internet has had massive benefits for academia. Suddenly where before there was only one library that students could easily access now there are millions of books online, archives can be uploaded and many journals are published online. Getting access to the relevant information for research and

From China in Asia to Nigeria, Africa, mobile innovation has taken a rapid penetration. However, this is possible as young people fully embrace new technologies and become active users. But then, questions arises that these innovations on the other hand become time waster/stealer from young people f

Eton-college/Andover is by far the most preferred institution for boys all over Britain/the-world/The-U.S. Perhaps, because it offers the best education a boy can have. How many coed schools compare? Zero.

Commander Ali Dizaei was promoted to the rank of commander only six months before he was suspended and charged with corruption. The Commissioner of the
Metropolitan Police Sir Paul Stephenson is using it to argue that the power to promote top officers rather than the political body where this

Google has threatened to pull out of china. Google in China is censored and google was widely considered to have 'sold out' to china when it decided to accept such censorship. Many in google felt uneasy about it, but they believed that new technologies would lead to a gradual opening up in china. In

Anonymity is all very well on much of the internet but it is understandable that news sites would want to reduce the number of anonymous comments on their sites. Many are now considering encouraging real names and some are moving to a policy of no comments.

The more money a sport gains the more it seems to move away from its core values and it seems the more likely there is to be cheats. Of course the more money there is as a reward the greater the incentive is to cheat to get that money. This year there have been numerous cases of cheating being caugh