As the dispute between the Communication Workers' Union and Royal Mail continues, the future of the Post Office has never looked so bleak.

The government is committed to opening up Royal Mail to open competition in line with EU law and the Conservatives have announced that they will p

It is the world cup and Bavaria beer are at it again with their ‘ambush advertising’ at matches. They may not be really noticed in the match but the media certainly picks up on the backlash afterwards. Exclusive sponsorships and advertising at big sporting events is becoming the way in which the

Speculators are often accused of causing the woes of a countrys economy, they cause companies to go bust when they loose confidence unecessarily, and they push exchange rates in the 'wrong' direction or cause a 'readjustment' into a crisis. How much impact do they really have?

As the new free music on demand program, Spotify, gains momentum amongst music lovers everywhere including the support of U2 whom released their new album with spotify free to all, a week before general release, can Spotify capitalise on the slow demise of Pirate bay and help stop illegal music down

The PIGS (Portugal, Ireland/Italy, Greece and Spain) are increasingly gaining more attention as their deficits and debts become bigger and their economies freeze up. Greece is at the centre of the current crisis and may turn out to be the first domino to go. Plans have been submitted for slashing th

Deregulation has been blamed in the financial sector for the banking crisis that caused a global recession. Equally, too much regulation has been blamed for creating a 'nanny state' that leaves people devoid of any sense of personal responsibility.

George Monbiot in the Guardian:

The G8(The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada, and Russia) has been expanded to include 12 more Countries, changes highlighting the expanse are moreover, a move towards co-dependence, group influence,less power/rights for individual Countries and more equanimity/tolerance

A poll for the BBC has shown that most people think that the internet should be a fundamental right for everyone. 79% of adults, almost four in five people regard internet access as a fundamental right. While many in the west often say we could not survive without the internet it is perhaps surprisi

For many an artificial Christmas tree is so much simpler than having a real Christmas tree, after all there is no need to go and buy one every year and bring it back home, it can simply be taken out of the loft, shed or wherever else it has been kept for the rest of the year. On the other hand it is

Today jobs for children seem to be restricted to doing the paper round a couple of days a week. However decades ago children, even some city kids, played a large role in bringing in harvests a job now taken by migrant workers. Even five years ago many more children were doing part time jobs than the

The European community was founded as a free trade block to encourage business and trading between its members. But nowadays the EU has gained the power to pass laws, affect the domestic policy of its member states and uphold human rights law. Does the EU have too much power? And has it abandoned it

It has been the stuff of many science fiction novels and
films, cars that successfully drive themselves. Now we seem to be nearly there
and such cars could become a reality. Google has successfully test driven such
a car for 140,000 miles. But would anyone want to actually drive on