Most western democracies disagree with China when it comes to areas like human rights. Their inclination would be to speak out when prominent artists like Ai Weiwei are arrested. However getting into disputes over others human rights does not help the country making speaking out’s own citizens. Un

Until the twentieth century Art was mostly about beauty or perfection. Art had to stand apart from everyday life and give someone pause. Art has however morphed into including ugly things, or everyday items that are simply classed as 'art' because someone says it is. How are the critics taken in by

The Tories are doing just as would be expected, targeting benefits as a big area for cuts. The cuts are probably needed but are incapacity benefits the way to do it? Osborne has stated he wants to protect those in genuine need, but every government has a go at cutting out those who don’t need it s

The accepted dogma of business is that you have your employees come and sit in an office far from their homes and are watched for eight hours a day by a manager. In the modern world, there are many more ways to communicate and get work done collaboratively online and on the phone, so the office is n

The chancellor George Osborne is claiming that his budget is ‘tough but fair’. The centrepiece of the budget is the raising of VAT. It will rise from its current rate of 17.5% to 20% in January. This, or some other equally severe tax rise, obviously needs to be done in order to help plug the hol

The number of graduate applicants per position has more than doubled in the past two years. In the context of the significantly fewer positions made available on the market, as well as the number of redundancy figures since the recession, universities seem to be generating an ever increasing number

And is it a good thing if it is?
Should British children all be atheists until they can 'choose' what to believe? Should children be forced to believe in atheism? should children choose what to believe at all?

A 2.5% cut is miniscule. It is a saving of less than 20p for every ten pounds spent. And that’s if the greedy shops even pass on the discount. This idea, the centrepiece of the rescue package will do nothing to help poorer families and will certainly not help stimulate the economy in any meanin

Women(and modern men) all over the world doll up;From waxing,tattooing,laser treatments(leads to alopecia,causes stress),pretty clothes to the necessary lipstick/lip-gloss, sunblock/foundation. Some cosmetics are temporary; others are not.Removal can have worse consequences than the application and

Taxes are the basis of a basic give and take between the state and its people. The people provide the state with money and the state in return gives them security. Originally this only meant security against enemies but since from the 19th century security has also meant security against disease, po

We all like to win; so a cooperative game where everybody gets something 'should' be desirable for everyone who is risk-averse and diplomatic. However, risk takers prefer zero-sum games; in which there is a clear winner and loser/losers.

The Nash equilibrium is an example of a cooperat

The common market is supposed to make imports and exports to and from Europe as well as within Europe easier and simpler, yet the EU places many restrictions on what can be imported. A common tariff is imposed on goods entering anywhere in the EU, and similarly regulations are the same throughout th

Free schools are a core part of the Conservative election manifesto. Every parent should be allowed to set up their own schools if they wish. However should private companies be able to profit from setting up these new schools? Michael Gove the Schools minister says he has ‘no ideological objectio

The ban on flights over European airspace is slowly showing the problems we would have if we could not fly. People being stranded was only the most obvious consequence of ash clouds grounding flights. Many industries have been badly affected due to relying on air travel or air freight. Could we mana