With the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, there has been outrage at BP's lack of planning which led to this environmental disaster. However, only some of the blame can lie with BP - similar disasters litter the history of offshore drilling (such as the Ixtoc 1 spill in the Gulf of Mexico 30 y

With the recession falling all around us, and businesses falling left right and centre, we need to consider what is the best way to get people back into entrepreneurs. We need people to do this in order for them to create jobs on the job market and conduct a profitable business which encourages peop

A 2.5% cut is miniscule. It is a saving of less than 20p for every ten pounds spent. And that’s if the greedy shops even pass on the discount. This idea, the centrepiece of the rescue package will do nothing to help poorer families and will certainly not help stimulate the economy in any meanin

Citizens must become the masters of corporations or they will become slaves to corporate power. Corporations' aggregation of wealth, political influence and legal protections has far surpassed those available to citizens. Corporations have usurped citizens' contract with their elected representative

Free schools are a core part of the Conservative election manifesto. Every parent should be allowed to set up their own schools if they wish. However should private companies be able to profit from setting up these new schools? Michael Gove the Schools minister says he has ‘no ideological objectio

Consumers are caught in a difficult situation. Many still have large debts that they want to clear or have less secure jobs than they had during the boom times so are unwilling to spend more. Indeed they want to save for a rainy day but are punished for doing so by very interest rates that are lower

Do American companies with factories overseas exploit workers with low pay and poor conditions? Should American consumers continue to buy products made in such factories? Should the US government seek to include labor standards in the terms of trade deals with foreign governments?

China is the second largest exporter in the world. Chinese goods are cheap, so cheap they are causing a massive trade deficit for the USA with China. Various scandals have shown that products from China are not always safe as the manufacturers try to cut corners, should we really be importing them?

As the dispute between the Communication Workers' Union and Royal Mail continues, the future of the Post Office has never looked so bleak.

The government is committed to opening up Royal Mail to open competition in line with EU law and the Conservatives have announced that they will p

Deregulation has been blamed in the financial sector for the banking crisis that caused a global recession. Equally, too much regulation has been blamed for creating a 'nanny state' that leaves people devoid of any sense of personal responsibility.

George Monbiot in the Guardian:

For many an artificial Christmas tree is so much simpler than having a real Christmas tree, after all there is no need to go and buy one every year and bring it back home, it can simply be taken out of the loft, shed or wherever else it has been kept for the rest of the year. On the other hand it is

It's natural when a popular singer dies an untimely death, as they sadly often do, the listening public realise they don't actually own any of that artist's work. Hence the return of Amy Winehouse's back catalogue to the upper end of the charts. However, playing "Rehab" on loop in a riverside pub? B