As the new free music on demand program, Spotify, gains momentum amongst music lovers everywhere including the support of U2 whom released their new album with spotify free to all, a week before general release, can Spotify capitalise on the slow demise of Pirate bay and help stop illegal music down

July is JulNoWriMo - July Novel Writing Month - an unofficial offshoot of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, an online competition to write 50,000 words in a month. Other variations include ScriptFrenzy, a competition to write a playscript in a month, a comic writer's competition and a long

Saying 'he' or 'she' when talking generally about an unspecified person can be misinterpreted as meaning it only applies to one gender. 'It' is an insult when applied to a human being. 'They' is too confusing as it is also used for the plural. 'One' is slightly archaic, too formal to use in general

With Christmas adverts, decorations and songs creeping into the early stages of winter it seems that Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year. Should there be a point where we say enough is enough? 1st of December is a reasonable time to engage with the Christmas spirit rather than 3 months be

Being a journalism student, I am all for individual freedoms. But there's a line to be drawn when it comes to violence and music. With growing crime rates, why do we need screaming ("singing") bands encouraging youth that killing is okay? If we want crime and killing to go down, why should we keep a