It seems that all people talk about these days is the recession. Why is this? Does ordinary Joe Bloggs really notice interest rates and global economic situations? Those who were previously oblivious to banking systems when things were going well, now seem like experts in the “economic down turn

Is this just about youth culture and the link to crime - or does it have wider issues. Are we looking just at lyrics that incite crime or should we ban Holst's Mars the god of war. How do we go about banning it?

Video games are both becoming increasingly expensive and getting increasingly large returns on their investment. They are beginning to outperform blockbuster movies in takings. They give many more hours of entertainment and they are engaging rather than being a passive entertainment, so better all

Bristol, reputedly the home of Banksy the famous Graffiti artist, is planning to let the public vote before murals are scrubbed or painted over with photographs being put on the council website and residents able to vote. Is this a way of preserving good art or a waste of time?

D’oh! Homer Simpson has been voted the greatest TV character of the last 20 years(from 1990 not all-time). He would seem to be lacking in most of the qualities of greatness except for in comedy which is perhaps what makes him so endearing to us.

But could he be the greatest TV or f

I hate to say it, but albums just aren't what they used to be. No one is interested anymore in listening to albums from start to finish in their correct playing order. We now live in a world dominated by MP3 players and iTunes in which 'shuffle' and 'playlisting' has become more popular.
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Susan Boyle's star burned brighter and faster than anyone else in
history. No one has gone from as unknown to as widely known in as
short a time. However, she seems to be suffering now and with a new
series of Big Brother to start on Thursday should the producers of

From China in Asia to Nigeria, Africa, mobile innovation has taken a rapid penetration. However, this is possible as young people fully embrace new technologies and become active users. But then, questions arises that these innovations on the other hand become time waster/stealer from young people f

It is generally believed that free press is an essential to foster democratic norms and values. It plays a vital role in raising awareness among people. But is it alwys right? Shouldn't we curb their rights to a larger extent?