Everything is fair in love even cheating

As Shakespeare said, all’s fair in love and war, which must include cheating. Humans weren’t intended to stay in monogamous relationships for as long as we do now. Cheating is natural and inevitable and therefore should not be condemned.


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Everything is fair in love even cheating

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Monogamy pointless

Although I don't like the idea of "cheating" (it suggests dishonesty), I can see no reason for supporting the practice of monogamy if people want to have children. There are two main arguments for polygamy: economic and genetic.

Economic: assuming all adults in the family are of working age, the more there are bringing in a wage, the better the standard of living for the household. A woman with one husband and two children (both by him) is surviving on two wages to feed four people. A woman with two children by different fathers will have three wages feeding five people, a better distribution of wealth.

Genetic: if you have more than one child, it is better to have each one by a different parent (assuming that the parents are unrelated) to widen the gene pool.

Along with the points discussed above, it should also be observed that the history of human civilization provides us with ample examples that illustrate polygamy. In Hindu scriptures, polygamist situations are rather common. For example, the king Dashratha, father of Rama, had three wives. Draupadi had seven husbands. Polygamy is also allowed in Islam. For more contemporary examples, we can look at the Mormons. Mormons practice polygamy extensively and it does have benefits, both economic and genetic, as mentioned above.

From a psychological aspect, it is fair to have multiple partners, or to use the more commonly used term "cheating", as this can keep couples happy and satisfied. If a man is not able to derive sufficient physical satisfaction from his wife, whom he loves very much and doesn't want to leave, it is perfectly ethical to have physical relationships with other women to satisfy his needs, and vice-versa. This can also be true for couples who are not intellectually compatible, but nevertheless are very much in love with each other. It is only fair that they meet and even go out with other members of the opposite sex whom they feel comfortable talking to.

Everything is fair in love even cheating

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all's not fair in war

All is exposed and vulnerable in love and war. The geneva convention punishes and judges leaders not the general public. Many rapes,thefts and murders occur in wars, committed by 'ordinary citizens' who are never accounted for those acts. It is expected that the extreme conditions of war will and do cause extremely barbaric behavior, by people who take the opportunity of war to make 'mischief' and by those who avenge such people.
Espionage (a form of cheating) plays the most important role in wars. Better spies are better predictors of the enemy's plans, they can avert crisis, loss of life for themselves and create the same, for the other side, using insider information.
In love, a father cheats his son into believing the world is a magical place or that the world is horrible. Both 'false' polarized extremes serve a good purpose. The first, acts to keep the child innocent and pure in his naiveté, and the second protects the child from being too trusting of possibly malicious or perverted strangers. The child is wary of or wise to the ploy which gives him a comparative advantage. But if he were told the truth that 'some' complete strangers are very nice, he would be very confused and would probably trust the sweet-talking creep who offers him a ride and/or candy.

If 'all's fair in love and war', well, all's not fair in war, that's what the Geneva Convention is aboout. There should be at least basic regulations to cover what people can and cannot do in relationships, otherwise people will do literally -anything- with or without the other person's consent.

Everything is fair in love even cheating

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Cheating is fair is a contradiction.

Cheating is fair/just, when the person with the superior information is also morally superior. If the cheater can better handle a bit of information than the other party, then it is fair/just that the cheater keeps the information to her/himself.

Also if the cheater can make better use of the information, because of superior intrinsic values or skill sets or a naturally superior intelligence or better tolerance/understanding of the information. It is fair that s/he cheats since the other party is likely to abuse the same information or to be damaged by it.

In love(as in coupling or two-person relationships) complete disclosure, if it ever occurs , only does over a long period of time.

Ephemeral 'puppy love' relationships usually involve a lot of deliberate deception and drama. Jealousy and Mystery are ubiquitous sparks for an intriguing and exciting romance.
Research has shown that couples who flirt with singles in front of each other usually have a healthier and more durable relationship than those who do not.

In cultures where male and/or female polygamy is practiced, having multiple partners is not frowned upon or even considered to be cheating. And even in the west the orgy or threesomes are not exactly unheard of.

1. There is a definition of fair which means false (deception/cheating).
2. The common meaning of fair is impartial. Cheating is not impartial as it's information known to some and not to others. Therefore cheating by definition cannot be fair. Hope you understand now else you don't understand love, which is freely given and received so there are no expectations and hence there can be no cheating. The kind of love you must have in mind is really a contract and they have expectations (which are often not kept). Honesty is the best policy and real love would not deceive or cheat. Say whay you mean and mean what you say. Let your "yes" mean "yes" and your " no mean "no". Believe it or not it's actually in your own interest too but it takes some time and courage to realise. Good luck!

Everything is fair in love even cheating

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Love or Lust?

Polygamy- a medical and cultural truth. You have just squeezed the definition of love into a 'one male-one female' bond.

If lust is pure physical/sexual attraction and love is 'that' and commitment.Then a man who has two long-term relationships, with two separate women who do not know each other, is not just lusting for but loving both women.

If you are thinking if cheating then first stop and consider-is it even love?Because if one thinks about it shouldnt love be all that is pure and true if it is to be called love.And if it is to survive?I think that if a person thinks he is in love but then thinks it's okay to cheat since humans weren't meant to be monogamous anyway, then is it love or lust that we are talking about here?Because if in love, you wouldn't want to be with anyone else other than the person you love.

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