Lego or Legos?

What is the correct plural for the term Lego, is it Lego or Legos?


All the No points

Lego or Legos?

Yes because... No because...

It is Lego.

LEGO is the name of a specific brand of plastic building block construction toy with a friction-based feature to prevent accidental disassembly.

Correct terms are LEGO, LEGO bricks, LEGO blocks, LEGO parts / pieces (for Adult Fans of LEGO).

I said 'Lego' as a kid and I still do, sometimes I call them blocks or Lego pieces though.

Lego or Legos?

Yes because... No because...


Legos does not sound correct.

It sounds correct to people who say it. Duh

Lego or Legos?

Yes because... No because...

lego doesn't have a plural

it is a non-countable noun like water
you can say

some lego
a piece of lego
a box of lego

you can't say 'a lego' or 'two legos'

and it definitely doesn't have an apostrophe

Actually it does , the plural is also Lego

Lego or Legos?

Yes because... No because...

Lego or Lego bricks

It has always been Lego, to refer to the individual pieces call them Lego bricks or just bricks. Never legos.

Lego or Legos?

Yes because... No because...

LEGOS: this should be a normative debate

Let go

I'm not sharing my Lego with you. So there.

The motion doesn't attack the evolution of language but asks what is correct/right.
Lego is a word, Legos is not and if you're still confused check the Oxford dictionary or Webster.

The question is not IS the plural 'lego' or 'legos', but what SHOULD it be?

And I would advocate 'legos'. Yes, I can see that it sounds cack. And Yes, I can see the strength of the argument that any proponent of 'legos' might be viewed a pedo. But let me say one thing: would you censor a person for trying to push forward the boundaries of language?

Look at what is going on in other subject areas. Already, the pluralised use of 'internets' pervades our daily life. Various other previously laughable pluralisations are now accepted vernacular, and I think that we, the vanguard, need to be identifying new pluralisations and aggressively promoting them.

Who's with me?

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