Robert Mugabe should be arrested for political crimes

Mugabe, in short, is a criminal. He has failed the Democratic model entirely by forcing people to vote for him by way of threats and horrific violence. His argument is that he is simply awarding land back to Zimbabwe's indigenous people's, which is right. What is wrong is to, then exepct them to vote for you in some kind of "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" situation. He is not only a criminal, but a madman. He is mad, to think that he can stay in power for THIS long? Only by violence is he achieving this. He also blames western governments for his country's predicament, and yes the UK and USA have questions to answer about lending beyond the means of a nation to pay loans back. However he cannot blame anyone but himself, for violence, starvation, ridiculous inflation and the militance of his party. Zanu-PF and Mugabe should have been dealt with a long time ago, the time for his exit is well overdue.


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Robert Mugabe should be arrested for political crimes

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He has destroyed his own country by committing violent crimes.

Pres. Mugabe has committed violent crimes against anyone who does not vote for him. He sends out vigilante to beat and terrorise those who do not vote Zanu-PF. This often results in murder.

Although he would never admit it, he has created a climate of fear in Zimbabwe and is resonsible for the vigilante who attack those who support MDC. It is a small wonder that Morgan Tsvangarai gave up running against Mugabe in the botched 2009 election. He feared his supporters would be killed if they were caught supporting him.

How can effective change be delivered if people are too scared to vote for anyone else except Mugabe?

He is standing in the way of Democracy and freedom and this is a basic human right. He should be arrested for using violence to obstruct these rights.

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Robert Mugabe should be arrested for political crimes

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That's impossible

The more likely possibility would be that Mugabe would be overthrown by his own people. The MDC already has a share in power showing that Mugabe's control has been slowly slipping. It may not be likely to occur but is more likely than an invasion or other outside intervention to arrest him.

Much more likely is that Mugabe will free his country by dying, he is 86. The question then would be whether the MDC would be able to take over full control of the country through a popular revolution and bring Mugabe's henchmen to justice.

You can't arrest Mugabe... unless you go to war with Zimbabwe, and we all know what happened in Iraq, so it is simply not possible or right to arrest him.

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