Guy Fawkes day 2011, the beginning of the end of Facebook?

Yes I know, November 5th has passed. But is the threat of a coup by "Anonymous" (or a similar organisation) also assuaged? "“Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world,” states the press release.
“Changing the privacy settings to make your Facebook account more "private" is also a delusion. Facebook knows more about you than your family,” the group continues.
The video ends with a very clear announcement: “Prepare for a day that will go down in history—November 5, 2011.”
An image of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg flashes on the screen near the end of the video. “We do not forgive. We do not forget,” ends the release." [[]] [[]]

Guy Fawkes day 2011, the beginning of the end of Facebook?

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Damon Poeter balks at claims

""Over 650K bank accounts have been transferred to community banks and credit unions. #OpCashBack Let your bank know your taking back control!" Anonymous tweeted yesterday.
On Friday, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) said that at least 650,000 consumers had joined credit unions in the last four weeks. CUNA attributed the switch to Bank of America's decision to charge a $5 monthly fee for debit card use, a plan the bank dropped last week after public outcry. The group has not yet released stats on how many additional accounts were closed on the actual Bank Transfer Day.
Displeasure with major U.S. banks has led to protests like the Occupy Wall Street movement and its various offshoots. Anonymous has been a major supporter of the Occupy effort, focusing much of its energy on the movement in recent months rather than the data dumps for which it (and LulzSec) made headlines in the spring. At least one Occupy-related data drop, however, wrongly targeted two San Francisco bartenders." Anonymous has achieved a lot in terms of attacking banks, they've released several military records, the FBI is after them. The threats must and should be taken seriously. Any day now. [[]] Perhaps the plot is more sinister than simply deleting personal accounts.

"The group has been credited with hacking into the Pentagon, Iran’s government e-mails, and possibly Visa, Mastercard and tech companies working for the FBI" -[[]]

Several months ago, Anonymous vowed to "destroy" Facebook on Nov. 5, stirring up a storm of headlines and speculation about the audacity of that plan. The only problem with the story was that several reliable mouthpieces for the collective quickly announced that there wasn't a lot of there there with regards to Operation Facebook, something they've reiterated as Nov. 5 grows closer.
A few days after word started spreading about the plan to take on Facebook, the Anons who had initiated the operation clarified their intentions, calling it an "awareness campaign" intended to call attention to the social network's perceived flaws like abuse of user privacy rather than an attempt to take it offline.
Chances of success: Slim. As an awareness campaign, the odds are pretty good that those behind Operation Facebook may get a few people to quit the site, but probably not enough to make much of a dent in the social network's massive user base. If the operation is in fact an attempt to hack the site or take it down, the chances of success are even slimmer." -[[,2817,2395947,00.asp#fbid=nj4418lco3p]] "OPERATION FOX HUNT
Another proposed Guy Fawkes Day operation, Fox Hunt, threatens to either take offline or actually take control of the Web site, if some of the more boastful Anons are to be believed. The reason Anonymous is targeting Fox News is that the cable news network has been consistently critical of Occupy Wall Street and associated protests. Anonymous has attached itself strongly to the global Occupy movement and doesn't take attacks on it very kindly.
Chances of success: Decent. Operation Fox Hunt seems much more likely to happen than Operation Facebook. Taking down surely has a lot of support within Anonymous' ranks and would no doubt please many of the collective's Occupy allies. Anonymous has a long track record of taking down Web sites with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks—and many believe the group now has more sophisticated tools in its arsenal for such operations." In sum, operation Facebook will not work if the Anonymous plan is to simply delete their own accounts.

Guy Fawkes day 2011, the beginning of the end of Facebook?

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Anonymous has retracted from it's claim on twitter several times

The news media coverage of the Guy Fawkes inspired plot may prove inspirational to sister hacking groups, to whom the destruction of Facebook is the goal. [[]]

There is also a possibility that 'Anonymous' is lying(spreading disinformation) to placate efforts to counteract their mission.

Mark Zuckerberg

"“We do not and never will sell any of your information to anyone.”

[[]] "Facebook is now girding itself for an assault. Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan told CNBC that "We take every one of those threats seriously."
"An Anonymous member named Speakeasy laid the whole story out in a document posted to Pastebin today. In an IRC chat today, Speakeasy said that "Operation Facebook" was launched months ago by him and about 10-20 other people in a room on the Anonymous chat server. However, their goal was not to "destroy" Facebook. The main purpose was to "bring awareness to Facebook keeping data even after you delete an account," Speakeasy said. (Facebook saves your personal information and continues to use it for data mining even if you delete your account.)

Full size
The group planned a two-pronged approach: They would 1) urge Facebook users to delete their profiles on November 5th as protest and 2) develop their own, privacy-friendly social networking alternative to Facebook. But in Mid-July Speakeasy and his buddies got bored of Operation Facebook and decided to shut it down. They turned the early code for their social network over to another group, Anonplus, and that, they thought, was that." In sum, they just wanted people to be aware of how the Facebook team is similar to Big Brother and if we care about our privacy, identity and so on we have an alternative social networking platform for our perusal.

Guy Fawkes day 2011, the beginning of the end of Facebook?

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Anonymous not unanimous on Facebook plot?

"However, it is still not clear whether the attack will take place or not. Given the lack of unanimity in the ranks of the Anonymous group any hacker linked to it can take action – with or without the backing of the organization."- [[]]

Problem is, now the plot is really anonymous, if there is a plot at all. When something gets all this media coverage it's bound to emerge in some form or the other. [[]]

""One skiddy queer chap named Anthony [last name redacted] from the US in Ohio decided to take it upon himself to have some lulz with creating an imaginary opfacebook and pawning it off as a legit anon op," Cnet quotes the statement. "Despite us telling this mate several times we did not support his op, he continued to push his agenda for lulz. This op is phony but he continues to say it's an anon op."
However, AnonOps Twitter actively encourages people to withdraw their cash from big banks. November 5 is scheduled to be the day that customers of big banks across America make good their promises to close down their accounts and transfer their money to smaller institutions in alignment with the growing Occupy movement. Across the Internet and in Occupy encampments across the country, November 5 is being dubbed as Bank Transfer Day, Move Your Money Day and other monikers as part of the Operation Cashback movement.
Originally the threat to "destroy" Facebook on November 5, 2011, via a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack originated with a video posted on YouTube in mid-July. The hackers offered anyone concerned with the spread of personal information on the web to join the cause and “kill Facebook for the sake of your own privacy” in an action that “will go down in history.”
However, the plan was never announced in Anonymous' Twitter feeds nor on its blog,, Computerworld reports. On August 10 the group for the first time distanced itself from the Facebook attack plans.
"We don’t ‘kill’ the messenger. That’s not our style,” reads the post on the group's AnonOps Twitter account." - This was not even an Anonymous plot. Can one hacker take down Facebook? Only if he is genius or a member of the Facebook team. The disunity and lack of clarity on the issue of operation/occupy Facebook means that this all much ado about nothing.

Guy Fawkes day 2011, the beginning of the end of Facebook?

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Why The Anonymous Facebook 'Plot' Was A Dud

Yes, well the Columbine tragedy emerged from two High-school kids trying to be nerd-geek-gamer cool.

"Back on July 1 there was indeed a channel on the main chat network for Anonymous called #OpFacebook, in which about two dozen supporters were discussing an attack to disrupt the site on July 4. A few in the room were there largely as hangers on. I checked it out at the time, not expecting too much. “Oooo I wanna hack something lol,” one chat room participant said. When I asked another if they had ever hacked something before, they replied, “I’m here to learn.”

Someone was doing something though. A Twitter account, @OP_Facebook, had been set up and on July 16 it tweeted a link to the now infamous YouTube video. A few more worked collaboratively on a lengthy, official statement on the online text application PiratePad, about how this was “not a battle over the future of privacy and publicity. It is a battle for choice and informed consent.”

When the crowd-sourced document mentioned the date July 4, someone had added in parenthesis, “Guys, we are running out of time, we need a new date.” When that date finally arrived, nothing happened." They're playing "Cry Wolf" so that when it actually does happen we're all caught off-guard.

"Some outlets, however, including ZDNet and PC Magazine, have reported that the larger Anonymous group does not support this plot and that hackers with ties to the group are working to carry it out. And @AnonOps tweeted that “#OpFacebook is being organised by some Anons. This does not necessarily mean that all of #Anonymous agrees with it.”"- [[]]

"“Every year a bunch of irritating kids migrate from Tumblr, Twitter, eBaums or whatever’s trendy that summer, to 4Chan,” the source said. “From there they discover the IRCs. Every bloody year they notice how effective Anonymous can be and they want a piece of the action, but rather than doing the right thing and becoming an effective cog in the machine, they want the glory.”

So-called Anons on 4chan tend to have a strong sense of homogeneity, rejecting notions of age, gender and race and calling one another /b/rothers. The newbies are quickly sniffed out, though, because of their awkward use of 4chan lingo, or for balking at the tasteless language, jokes and images." -[[]] So it's just a bunch of kids trying ti be nerd/geek-cool.

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