Gambling should be banned for good

Governments need money to provide services, casino gaming is a wonderful way to fill the coffers. There is so much disposable income in this country it is unfathomable.

Retired people are some of the biggest patrons of casinos. They use the experience to pass the time and get some social interaction. With a good demographic of baby boomers with impressive streams of wealth in their golden years through pensions, retirement funds and real estate appreciation, the economic benefits outweigh any small blotches for the gaming industry.
I work in a casino and see the retired people collecting more money than I am currently making working.


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Gambling should be banned for good

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Gambling distracts from the traditional path to success

Media portrayal and exhaggeration of the successes of gambling (of which there are so few) lead the impressionable public to believe that instead of working hard in school and at work to earn one's fortune, you can simply walk into a casino, have a stroke of luck and walk out a millionaire. This has been emphasized by film and TV. However, we all know that the odds of earning big amounts of money in a casino or in gambling are very, very slim. Gambling makes people think they can be successful with barely trying, which ruins national work ethic. If we abolish gambling, people will have no choice but to earn their success the good old-fashioned way, which actually benefits our country and does not morally corrupt our citizens.

Life is a gamble. Gambling 'is' the traditional path. We run after lotteries, deals, life changing money miracles? This is traditionally, life.

What doesn't morally corrupt our citizens? Greed? Money? hormones?

They are very slim but a simple application (lots of practice, lots of hard word + money to invest. Probability only helps in large numbers) of statistical probability can beat the system and does. [[]]

People have no choice? As if they/we choose to be unemployed. Occupy wall street. Occupy LSX. Occupy capitalism that is the answer.

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