GMO’s Can Save the World

Today in school we brought up a topic which struck me. GMO's and the negativity it creates on people and the world, and organic food reigns supreme. I was first interested, but once comments from peers came out, i started to get frustrated because of ignorance. Comments like "organic food tastes better!", "Organic food does not cause cancer!" got to me, when i finally spoke my feelings; i was told about the patenting issues which to me is fair. Having a few huge companies hold the rights to the patent and control farmers and what not is a problem.

Just earlier i watched a show you might call me out on; but had some good points was Penn and Teller.
In this episode they were talking about organic food. They did tests to see which had more flavour and its health benefits, on a blind test 80% of the people enjoyed the taste of the "non" organic produce. That a side, they talked about how GMO foods are necessary for the amount of people in the world. GMO food can be modified to produce more, create plants that can survive certain environments better; it seems like a blessing. Looking at how majority of the produce is GMO'ed in some way or another, if abolished, how many people in certain countries would starve? The reduced sum of produce from a organic plant can not sustain 7 billion people, and if it did or not, it would cost more because you would have to plant more.

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