Instead of vehicles cycles should be used for transportation.

Instead of vehicles cycles should be used for transportation, Because cycles do not require any fuel and are not expensive so everyone can easily afford and it also saves country economy. And pollution can also be controlled.


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Instead of vehicles cycles should be used for transportation.

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Bikes take up less space on roads. With cities increasingly grinding to a halt due to the number of cars bikes are an obvious alternative. Change all those cars to bikes and there would be plenty of room on the roads and many fewer traffic jams.

Because as a Sales Rep my very expensive smart suit which is my uniform of my trade would be knackered on a wet day, and my hair would look a mess. I would not be able to meet top executives looking a mess and make my living, because I get paid on what I sell.

Now take your bike and go to work in boston in the middle of february. Good luck getting home!

Instead of vehicles cycles should be used for transportation.

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Time, weather and ability

I do a lot of traveling for my job sometimes. I've had to drive as far as 9 hours to deliver a bunch of stuff to another site and set it all up. But the usual "far" traveling i do is around an hour and a half for highway driving. There is no way i could ride my bike for an hour and a half at 65 MPH to get to work for 8:00 in the morning. I'd have to leave at 1:30 AM to be at work for 8 and i wouldn't get home until 11 PM, saying i didn't have to stay late. These times are based off of me riding my bike at 15MPH. Given the fact that i'd be riding my bike at 15 MPH for 6.5 hours straight i would probably be exhausted by the time i got to work, especially since id get an absolute maximum of 2 hours of sleep saying i do not eat dinner or breakfast and have absolutely no time to myself besides sleeping.

Further more, riding a bike in the snow would be impossible depending on the solidity of the snow. It'd definitely slow me down on my 6.5 hour journey. I might not even be able to go home. At this point i might as well get a hotel room all week and be away from my family. You could ask, "why don't you move?" well because this isn't an all the time sort of drive. I end up going there for months at a time. Last time i ended up being there for a full year. The other facility is a half an hour drive from my house. So it'd take just under 2 hours to get to work.

Through the snow and rain i'd end up getting to work drenched, with helmet hair unless i didn't wear a helmet in which the wind will have messed up my hair. I wouldn't care about my hair, but my boss is very up-tight about me looking professional at my job.

Furthermore, imagine going grocery shopping for a family, or christmas shopping. If you're a musician imagine buying even a half stack or a drumset. If you're a camper, imaginge lugging all your camp gear, imagine bringing a kayak!

Bikes serve there purpose and in some cases they are more suitable then driving a car, but for the most part, cars serve a much better purpose

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