Should the age of driving be changed to an older age?

I think the driving age should be changed to an older age because most car accidents are cause by people between the ages of 16 and 20.


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Should the age of driving be changed to an older age?

Yes because... No because...

Yes it should

I think that the driving and drinking age should be the same so that it'll be even and kids can get the 2 things that they are most excited about at the same time. Also perhaps because there are many car accidents, most of them related to drunk drivers, but evening it out should help protect innocent people who get hurt.

You have to be 18 here in Norway I don't see any reason to change anything even tho the insurance companies want to increase it to 23 for guys, because young men are doing bad on the statistics and the male brain isn't fully developed before they reach age of 25.. I'm glad they can't do that since it have to be equally between the sexes.

No because... youre not using your brain. Evening out the drinking age and driving age is like handing someone a bottle of whiskey and the keys to their first car at the same time. Do you not get that youre welcoming to DRINK AND DRIVE!? If anything this will create even more drunk drivers! I've been told by countless sources that places with lower drinking ages than driving privelage age have less drunk driving. This is because the drinking and partying days are done and "old" by the time people get their license. Dont open up people (at age 16 or 21) to drinking and driving at the same time. because then theyll do both. Horrible horrible idea from you

Should the age of driving be changed to an older age?

Yes because... No because...

I think it should raise to 18.

At 18 the kids are just stepping into adulthood. They are just in university. They are not fully mature responsible adults. If at 18 they are not even ready i dont 16 is. at 16 these kids are still in high school where there is a lot of peer pressure and misconceptions. The kids think speeding, blasting music, drinking is cool.I'm sure some of the kids are ready but we cant do that we cant give some the chance and not others, and we cant risk the risk of letting 16 year olds drive either, so the best option is to raise the age. when they are at 16 they are at a tender age where they are growing into adults but are not yet. They feel independent but are not. They cannot be trusted with licenses because they could potentially do so much damage. They could potentially severely inure someone or even kill someone. 18 is better. They can use the license as a way of growing up and a gift into adulthood. I rest my case.

Adults speed just as often if not more than children (so i see anyways. It may be possible that teenagers end up in accidents more if said thing is documnted true, butadults tend to have more experience and probably just 'speed better')

Blasting music is not a crime. If youre worried about the noise, compllain about the people with the loud as hell motorcycles.

'Drinking is cool' is a concept of all different age groups, not just 16 year olds (and if you think theres more drinking at highschool than at those crazy college parties... you may need to rethink about that).

There may be peer pressure and misconceptions at the highschool age, but said things happen throughout your life. You need to know how to do the right thing, taking away the responsibility is taking away the chance for them to learn to do the right thing.

They can use the license as a way of learning to do the right thing and having their own responsibility (getting job and attending work) prior to becoming an "adult". I rest my case.

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