Women are neither safe inside the womb nor outside it

Is this true today ? From the days of sati pratha to modern era where we daily read in newspapers the cases of molestation and female foeticide, how far the title of debate is true ?


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Women are neither safe inside the womb nor outside it

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Argument One: Abortion

It is legal to perform abortions in 54 nations around the world (61 percent of the global population). Fetuses are human beings and thus, abortion kills human beings -some of which are female. Therefore, we can say that women are not safe inside the womb because abortion kills women.

Fetuses are human beings, according to a fivefold test given in many biology text books, all of which are exemplified by: highly structured physical/psychological organization, the ability to acquire materials and energy, responsiveness to their environment, the potential to reproduce, and the ability to adapt and grow. Fetuses have all the required potential. They don’t become human after birth any more than a five year old becomes more human when they turn six.

In the U.S. alone over 1.4 million abortions occur every year, approximately half that number is female. If such a large amount of post-birth women were being killed every year it would be considered genocide and condemnable in court.
In the womb, however, they have no power to comprehend the danger or to defend against it. This is not to argue for the ending of abortion, rather, it simply reveals that it is unsafe for women inside the womb.

This argument targets women alone, but men are just as vulnerable in the womb as females are. So it does not support the overal point that women are not safe, purhapes that PEOPLE are not safe.

Women are neither safe inside the womb nor outside it

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Argument 2: Ella

Ella One has been certified by the FDA as a safe equivalent to the morning after bill (RU-486). However, many researcher do not thunk that Ella has had efficient clinical research to warrant such a claim, and believe that the pill could cause major problems for the women who use it. Additionally, certain contraceptives like Ella have the ability to terminate pregnancies. So the problem is twofold: firstly, as mentioned above, fetuses are humans; thus, terminating pregnancies terminates humans, and by extension female humans. Secondly, people tend to trust that Government ministries will do their job sufficiently to protect it's constituents, and make potentially life-alterating decisions based on the word of their government. When a government promotes something as 'safe' that has not been adequately tested and may have serious side effects, it leaves it's people, in this case women, unprotected, and becomes a savage agent to their demise. Thus, we say, women are unprotected in the womb and outside of it.

Their is no proof or links substansiating your claim here. If this IS true then again it does not make women any less safe than men as men trust the same ministries.

Women are neither safe inside the womb nor outside it

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Argument Three: Sex-Industry

The majority of the work performed by sex-workers can be done best, and some times only, by women. Additionally, women are typically less advantaged, socially and economically, across the globe than men, and thus find themselves more frequently in dire circumstances than men. Due to their usefulness and desirability in the sex-industry, and their relatively underprivileged position in the world, women are the ideal targets for sex-traffickers.

Not only is it degrading and physically dangerous but sex-work carries with it extremely dangerous potential for the girls involved which most often have deep lasting impacts on their lives. Psychological harms can include: disassociated ego states (which is a disconnection between mind and body... a perpetual aloofness); feelings of shame; and depression and self-hatred, which lead often to suicide, and suicidal thoughts. Victims of sex-trafficking also suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); insomnia (the inability to sleep); and traumatic bonding.

Thus, we can say that women are unsafe outside the womb.

While sex trafficing is a problem it is not a problem for the majority of women in the world, as your chances of being a sex slave is slim. Other sex industrys that are more common is porn and that is a choice made by the woman in question and thus not a question of safety but choice.

This being such a small percentage effected it would be rediculous to say that this alone makes all women unsafe outside the womb. Additionally you'd have to factor in men have a higher chance of diing at war as their are more of them at war than women.

Men and women are in no more danger outside the womb or inside of it.

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