The US should ban guns.

The United States has the most guns in private ownership in the world, with 270 million of the world’s 875 million firearms. There is a correspondingly high number of deaths caused by firearms each year. In most countries events like the shooting of congresswoman Giffords would cause uproar with calls for bans on firearms or at least much greater restrictions. The National Rifle Association as a lobby group has managed to close up the debate making any attempt to restrict guns to seem to be against the constitution. This does not however mean that banning guns should not be debated. So what are the arguments for and against banning guns in the US context?


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The US should ban guns.

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A new era for USA

USA constitution allowed for guns at a time when tanks, landmines and jet fighters did not exist. Sould USA citizens be able to have this new type of guns?

You must hold into account that you have nothing to do with your gun if the federal government comes against you with tanks.

The far west times is gone. Your culture should change. You do much more damage to yourselves and the world by having guns. It grows a culture of fear, need for protection and violence.

Compare yourselves with other countries. What does this ability to buy and hold guns do for you, as a citizen, in practical terms?

Gun companies fund elections. Leaders in America, need support from gun companies(financial as well as Gun-loyalist) to get votes. [[]]

The provision for gun ownership in the US was originally created to allow the common person to stand before his government and defy it should it become tyrannical. While many make the claim that tanks, mines, drones, and technology make the guns a private citizen own seem useless, I would point out both Afghanistan and Vietnam as examples where superior technology failed in the face of superior morale. While the US in such a scenario would be fighting a war of extermination, the defenders would only have to demoralize the loyalist US forces to cause US defeat. As such, firearms still stand as a bulwark against tyranny today. As a citizen, firearms allow you to remain free and capable of providing your own defense against the potentially tyrannical US.

For those who bemoan the criminal elements that exist in the US and not in countries where guns are outlawed I would suggest looking into the skinheads of Russia or the chavs of Britain. Both countries have much more strict laws against gun ownership than the US and both still have crime. Switzerland has the largest number of militia owned firearms on Earth yet has one of the lowest crime rates. A better predictor or gun violence (and violence or crime in general) would be the gap between rich and poor in a country - the bigger the gap the greater the violence (check US GINI of 51 as compared to Switzerland's GINI of 34 according to World Bank statistics).

In short, firearms are a red herring for the intellectually lazy - this is statistically born out by looking at the statistics available.

The US should ban guns.

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true for the interest .

indeed USA needs to ban the guns....

Every year there is a rising death toll. However the deaths are all not just because of arms. Such incidents like the shooting of congresswoman Gifford are just highlighting what really creates such a massive toll. Yes guns are required for some things but the USA has far in excess of what it needs so allowing far to many people to have access to such arms..

Being a superpower and just making a point to the rest of the world does not really show or reveal their almighty ... being a country that has enough resource should actually know the priorities to look after to sustain what it takes to to remain at the top of the world.

Take away guns and knife-crime will escalate as in the United Kingdom. [[]]

The US should ban guns.

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Guns are Americans Peace of mind. Regardless if their is a threat or not. By having the government take guns away or restricting the use of certain firearms, It will just cause a massive drastic retaliation, from its own citizens. In war, a soldier can lose his gun and still kill his enemy. What I'm trying to say is "Guns don't kill people, People kill People".. Enough said!

The US should ban guns.

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Better regulations would help much more than a total ban.

How would such ban affect someone who gets his hands on weapons illegally in first place? Sure, they would be harder to find, but it would be by no mean impossible: hunting rifles, for example, would still be around.
So, the only one who would have serious problems to get a gun would be a honest citizens.
There should be a mandatory training for owning a weapon, they should be declared and registeredand and their owners should be held accountable for them. Unless for special reasons it shouldn't be allowed to bring them outside your house.

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