Is Wikileaks anti-democratic?

It would seem obvious that Wikileaks is a tool for transparency that aids democracy by casting light on the dusty operations of government. Yet Wikileaks is itself not transparent or accountable to anyone. The US government at whose expense most of the leaks have been on the other hand is both elected and accountable. That not everything done by government is out in the open is a good thing while what is being done is in the national interest. When Wikileaks exposes government workings and in the process damages policy that has been done by elected representatives is it being anti-democratic?


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Is Wikileaks anti-democratic?

Yes because... No because...

We vote for our government to represent us and we should know what they're doing in our name

If our government was behaving immoral (which it usually is) we need to know about the immoral actions taken as by not standing against these actions we will be held responsible for what our government will do in our name.

It also allows us to choose our party not just on the public image but on there policies and actually on our past experience on how they have acted on said policies. Not only do i think it is democratic to leak the governments doings, I actually think it's undemocratic to withhold that information.

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