The Italians should throw out Berlusconi.

Berlusconi has lost his majority in a budget vote, although he did not lose the vote (due to abstentions). Berlusconi’s allies such as the Northern League are now calling for his resignation. To those looking in from the outside it seems incredible that he manages to survive again and again. Italian voters obviously like him - or dislike the opposition more - despite the continual sex scandals and corruption charges and have kept returning him as PM. Between elections he somehow manages to keep just enough support together to keep on governing. This makes Italy continually on the edge of a crisis and lacking the strong government needed to make the radical changes needed to sort out the economic problems facing the country. Italy’s current crisis is part of the much larger European financial crisis which has already lead to bail outs of Greece, Ireland and Portugal. Italy does not have a big budget deficit but does have debts of over 120% of GDP meaning increases in interest rates demanded can have a large effect. Berlusconi may be good at surviving parliamentary votes but so far he has been unable to provide the other European Governments and the markets with enough assurances that Italy will be able to pay off its debts. Will Italy finally get rid of Berlusconi?

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The Italians should throw out Berlusconi.
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The Italians should throw out Berlusconi.

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