Is Zyzz the king of Aesthetics??

There is a big debate on the , if Zyzz is the Misc King or Misc king of Aesthetics.

State your opinion ... brah.

Is Zyzz the king of Aesthetics??

Yes because... No because...

This is real life

Zyzz is worth looking at. His head, features, shoulders, and torso have a size that attracts attention; their proportions to each other made an effect which in any male at any place would justify more than the term handsome - in his later years, he is likely to become to be known beyond his local world, the word "Roman" will be used in descriptions of him.

His legs bore out the striking and agreeable proportions of his body; and his lightness on his feet, his erectness, his easy bearing, add to the impression of physical grace and virility. His suppleness, combined with his bigness of frame, and his large, wide-set rather glowing eyes, heavy black hair, and markedly bronze complexion give him some of the handsomeness of an Indian. His courtesy as he surrenders bodybuilding advice to fellow miscer's suggests genuine friendliness towards all mankind. His voice is noticeably resonant, masculine, warm. His pleasure in the attentions of the bootblack's whisk reflect a consciousness about clothes unusual in an Australian man. His manner, as he bestows a tip suggested generous good-nature, a wish to give pleasure, based on physical well-being and a sincere kindliness of heart.

I think you need to go to Rome; only to see how real Romans with jobs that are not in the fitness industry look like.

Clearly you are madly deeply in love with this character. But those
of us who are not gearing up to be his wife ; he is not perfect; or that everybody's perfect to their special someone.

One man's gold is another man's trash. Our perception of great aesthete or the perfect body is relative and subjective. Some people like Women with ripped arms; others like thin delicate ones; still others like flabby giant ones. It's all a matter of taste. And we know that taste cannot be accounted for.

Is Zyzz the king of Aesthetics??

Yes because... No because...

At first I thought this was a joke or fake debate; was not really sure that Zyzz is a person, but after a web forum vist hmm

This Zyzz character remains shredded and ripped(as in muscular and fit not brutally lacerated) all the time. Now, most fitness professionals will tell you ; not even people like them can avoid the off-season belly bulge(of course their definition of a belly bulge could be a flat stomach to many). Be it Mike Ge*()y or Joel Mar*&n or Scott T980gerant; Or any other Fitness expert that has helped millions get the Sylvester Stallone body; they dreamed of having ever since the Rambo/Rocky movies.

What Zyzz has managed to accomplish is a year-round fit-bod that because he's so super-fit during his best seasons that even in his off-season he manages to have the polished abs of a Greek God.

Please; not every guy wants to look like that.

There's such a thing as being overly ripped, too chiseled, too rock-like and almost sub-human. And Zyzz is the oiled embodiment of exactly that.

Not everybody is a fan of pecs. Women generally like washboard/six-pack abs but not pecs (man-boobs) [[]].

Most male models have (at times airbrushed/painted) defined abdominal muscles but only body builders or weightlifters show off a pair of pecs.

Zyzz has pecs.

Is Zyzz the king of Aesthetics??

Yes because... No because...


Anyone who says no is a jelly

Alll show ponies have weak legs. Zyzz is a show pony and his legs are weak.

Is Zyzz the king of Aesthetics??

Yes because... No because...

Body vs strength training

Nobody's stopping him from building leg muscle;
and leg muscle is eww. He stands erect; I don't think he has knee or heart problems.

Body builders pose holding massive weights; they wouldn't be able to do that if they had no strength.

And so, you agree that he looks good?

Zyzz and other "show pony" body builders are all looks and no real health or strength. Body builders have about as many broken bones as the average wrestler. Body builders are at a high risk for heart attacks (remember that the whole Gym hype is stimulated by the fear of cardiac arrest) and as pointed out earlier since Zyzz's legs are weak (cannot hold the weight of his upper body up effectively) he's also bound to have knee problems (simple physics center of mass/weight).


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