Does European society want Roma to assimilate or integrate?

"Assimilation is a term with a negative meaning. It means a society to be not oneself anymore losing cultural features and lifestyle completely. Integration is a term especially used for minorities' and immigrants' adaptation process in Europe. It means a minority to adapt mainstream of society without being assimilated.

It's open that we, Gypsies neither are assimilated or integrated to society in Europe. In any case, we believe that nobody have to think our people to assimilate. On the other hand, we haven't yet integrated to the societies we live together in a healthy way too. We always hear words about difficulty of integration of Gypsies from authorities. It's always being discussed why Gypsies are not assimilated in media, bulletins of NGOs and reports published by academicians." - Ali Mezarcioglu, Cingeneyiz International.


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Does European society want Roma to assimilate or integrate?

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Young generation brings hope

I think that the majority of Europeans do not consider Roma as the ones who assimilate and become like the others. At the same time, there is a hope that the tendency to integrate will be accepted, especially by young non-Roma who are more tolerant then their parents (according to the statistics).

Valery Novoselsky,
Editor of Roma Virtual Network (RVN).

We are all Romani but not all are Roma, The Roma is the largest minority group across Europe, facing the most in Ethnic violence, discrimination in the workplace, school, and immigration, while the EU promotes open boarders, they are not open to the Roma, why is that? shouldn't there be a effort by these Countries to educate the Roma. A country is viewed by the way they treat their poor and minorities, they must make the effort to bring the Roma up to a level of equality, where they can integrate,and be convinced of the difference between integrate and assimilate.[[]]

Agreed that a country should be measured by the way it treats its least fortunate people. However, France among other countries does not include the 'Roma' in the French people category. The reasons being they have no I.D documents, they have no citizenship or nationality and as the Bulgarian[[]] F.M stated earlier France is legally in the right, when it comes to appealing for their extradition.[[]]

If Bulgaria and Romania accept the Romani as part of their people then these countries are responsible for the well-being of their least-fortunate citizens.

Does European society want Roma to assimilate or integrate?

Yes because... No because...

If the world could do what they want ...

If the world could do what they want, they would keep us outside the whole system, in ghettos, like today!
Thats their inside wish. Like an Italian man said in a TV interview "We can not kill them, that`s bad".

Helge Valama,
Roma activist in Finland.

The blacks and Jews of America pulled out of their past of being discriminated against by employing unity,strength and perseverance to achieve economic independence, by integrating into preexisting economic structures in the societies they lived in, as well as creating their own businesses (this is especially true of Jewish populations).[[]]

The Roma are often seem like they are not interested in doing any real work and want to live off of other people's hard earned money. If there was a demand for gypsy street dancing or begging in France, Italy or where-ever then it could be a profession but there isn't and begging/stealing is considered antisocial.[[]] Anti-social unproductive behavior is not good for the economy(hitting the tertiary sector the hardest) and is not encouraged in these countries. [[]]

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