Should Ireland and UK leave the EU and Ireland vote no to the fiscal

I believe yes we should,as it may have brought some good,but it has sold the country into slavery and all the power is but lost to other countries.Soon Ireland will not be Irish anymore as will the UK be not British anymore.

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Should Ireland and UK leave the EU and Ireland vote no to the fiscal
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Should Ireland and UK leave the EU and Ireland vote no to the fiscal
Yes because...

Ireland leaving the EU and voting no to fiscal.

Long since has passed the Lisbon treaty and promise of new jobs and economic turn around for Ireland.They threatened the people with loss of jobs(which was seen anyway and is still happening)Also with no more bailouts(which i think Irish shouldnt be taking in first place) It is just another form of loan sharks.Ireland needs to get on its own feet again.Be a power of their own.The Uk since joining the EU is slipping into a non power and losing all its Identity as is Ireland.Ireland and UK have long since had great economic trade between them and could do again without EU.The EU is nothing more than a control mechanism and a subtle take over.

No because...

Countries that do not produce tangible goods by working hard are now suffering the consequences.
Working in the 'financial sector' is nothing more than working in a casino as a punter. Apart from the fact that you are quite happy to use poor people's hard earned pennies to gamble with, whilst you look forward to huge bonuses.

Capitalism has failed. Countries who embraced the speculative financial game and thought astronomical debt wasn't a problem are simply reaping what they sowed.

They should go to the wall and the hard working people should stand up and take control of their countries. Invest in education and training and health. Give everyone an opportunity to earn an honest wage and let people be proud of their country by producing goods and products that will be welcomed by others.
It's not rocket science - if you have nothing to take to market apart from an IOU then aren't going to come home with many chickens and your children will starve. If you work hard and make or provide something tailored to your experience or education - a piece of furniture for example, it is likely the chicken farmer may need a chair in exchange for a couple of chickens. If you have an excellent ability to cure toothache then use it to help others and they will help you furnish your house. Get it?

At the moment the people doing most of the hard grafting are now undergoing a hard shafting by the same people who created this mess. Do you realise it would have been a lot cheaper for governments to pay off every hardworking person's mortgage than it was to bail out the financial sector? The same banks are now provide little in the way of a lending service so they can protect future multimillion pound bonuses.

The government is meant to be by the people for the people. Not for a select few.

Should Ireland and UK leave the EU and Ireland vote no to the fiscal
No because...

No, because all the Euro-Federo-crats would lose their inflated salaries and perks for doing absolutely nothing

1. There is no Federal States of Europe
2. What is the tax bill for the Federal State of Europe? (that does not exist)
3. Why are the poor working people of Europe paying for gargantuan levels of bureaucracy in a FSE that doesn't even exist?

Answer : because it is a new way of stealing from the poor to pay the rich.

Take back your country from Europe, then from your own corrupt governments, then from your local regional governments until all these fat greedy bureaucrats that travel 1st class on Eurostar 10 times a week to stay in 5* hotels without doing a shred of decent, honest graft are forced out there to earn a decent wage commensurate to their skills.

Ireland is bankrupt, Greece is bankrupt, Italy and Spain the same, Britain has been a slave to corporate greed and still blesses it this very day.


Yes because...

Should Ireland and UK leave the EU and Ireland vote no to the fiscal

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The little fella in the p

I definitely think Ireland should leave the European Union.Ireland is the little guy in the playground, who all the big boys pick on.Would be nice to actually have a say on what we do again.I am very tired of these referendums,where if the European Union doesn’t like the answer,it spits out the dummy and cries until it gets its own way.Could we not just have a proper vote,yes or no,majority wins and we get on with it.Democracy at it’s finest.I don’t like what the EU stand for.They are greedy elitist’s.And as a certain Mr Farage told them,”you are very dangerous people indeed”.It would be tough if we did leave,but I think the UK would soften the blow.A return to sovereignty please,and no more EU bully tactics.


Definitely leave the European Union.It reminds me of all the invading Empires of the past,rampaging across the world creating mayhem.We have no sovereignty, no say in our future,a deadweight currency, spiralling immigration, oh god the list is endless. We are punching above our weight against Germany.Anytime we say no the EU spits the dummy and crys like a baby,till we give in.If we have a vote,I pray it is to leave the oppression of the EU.At least this time we won’t have to physically fight for our freedom. We trade lots with the UK,and other countries will want to get on board with us.People might even visit Ireland because it’s so Irish again.Not just a suburb of the European Union.