Can the constructive intercultural dialogue be a first priority for Roma inclusion in Europe?

"... the EU is attempting to promote intercultural dialogue between Roma and non-Roma people through the ten basic principles for Roma inclusion, providing a common framework for Roma policies in EU countries. One principle, the "intercultural approach", focuses on building mutual understanding and promoting intercultural skills to combat stereotypes and prejudice.

... the Commission should send a strong signal to member states to address this serious type of racism and human rights concern by all political and legal means. The situation of Roma in member states is only worsening when it comes to human-rights protection and social inclusion. Violence and racially-based harassments as witnessed in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic underline the failure of member states to foster a climate in which all their citizens can enjoy and fully exercise their human rights. Roma continue to live in alienation and deprivation. They are victims of racist attacks, serious human-rights abuses and regular anti-Roma rhetoric by both state and non-state actors. There is growing fear among the Roma throughout the EU that member states cannot protect them and that consequently the only solution is to flee their countries. Something must be done, and one can only hope that steps toward constructive intercultural dialogue are moving in the right direction." - James Drew, Online Editor-in-Chief, New Europe.


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Can the constructive intercultural dialogue be a first priority for Roma inclusion in Europe?

Yes because... No because...

The centuries of multicultural dialogue did not help much...

"Starting with the education of children, Roma and non Roma together, with the help of artists, Roma and non Roma all together, we can share our common cultural richness, we can foster a mutual understanding based on a common work together. By a shared artistic practice, we can raise the level of consciousness of all participants and create together a new awareness. If you appreciate the richness of a cultural, you are no longer afraid of the unknown..."

Marianne Poncelet - International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation

"In my view, Roma have better historical experience of multicultural dialogue then any other nation in this diverse world. Music, dance, films, etc. How much did it help to be equal with non-Roma even for the ones who integrated?!" - Valery Novoselsky, Editor of Roma Virtual Network (RVN).

Dear Valery,

please do not reduce Roma talents just on music and art, in my opinion they must strive to get involved in any other profession as well, in order to get better acceptance and more respect from other nations...
and .... believe me or not, as a non Roma I am shure that they have all this talents as well, it is just a matter of perspectives and options

bg from Budapest

Michael Stanzer

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