Should Children Do SATS in Year 6 ?

In May, the vast majority of children who are in Year 6, are most likely to do their end of year SATS. There are mixed opinions about this issue, many people think it puts a huge amount of pressue on children, but on the positive side, it tells teachers what we can and can`t do. What do you think ?

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Should Children Do SATS in Year 6 ?
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Should Children Do SATS in Year 6 ?
Yes because...

It will help their secondary school

If a student comes in to secondary, without any official levels, the school won't know what they are officially capable of. Using SATS, the school can put them in the right class so the work isn't too hard, too easy, and they will make progress with what they are given so they can do the best they possibly can when it comes to GCSE time.

No because...

1. SATs don’t help our education – they harm it.
2. In SATs years valuable time is wasted practising and studying for the tests instead of giving us the opportunity to find out more about a wide range of subjects.
3. SATs put us under unnecessary stress.
4. Too much money goes into running the SATs. New Labour spend almost as much on testing as they do on recruiting and keeping teachers.
5. SATs results are used to decide what level we get taught at. Streaming at a young age can affect the rest of your education.
6. SATs aren’t there to benefit us. They are used to make schools compete against each other in league tables because the government won’t fund all schools properly.

Should Children Do SATS in Year 6 ?

What do you think?
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