Do a large number of people still not understand what legally or morally constitutes rape?

"1 in 12 males students surveyed had commited acts that met the legal definition of rape. Furthermore, 84% of the men who had committed such acts said what they had done was definitely not rape" disturbing?

``The Crown Prosecution Service, which has reformed its own procedures in rape cases, now initiates more prosecutions. But juries remain stubbornly resistant to convict``-BBC

``It reports that in a study of 33 countries Britain has the worst conviction rates of all. Yates compared the situation to the complete overhaul that was needed after the Stephen Lawrence enquiry revealed embedded racism in the police. The rape conviction rate isn’t just symbolic of failings in funding and focus, it is symbolic of a deeply engrained culture that encourages people to mistrust women when they accuse men of rape.``-John Yates`study

Do a large number of people still not understand what legally or morally constitutes rape?

Yes because... No because...

Women all over the world immediately psychologically blame themselves/ourselves after an assault

Where-ever you`re from; even if the law is designed to protect you [[]] and put bad men behind bars; it just isn`t implemented that way. Most victims are horrified that someone will find out about the rape and take a very long to build up the courage to report the crime; (if they ever do) by which time there is insufficient evidence to convict the offender. Juries are biased in favor of men even in societies that claim not to be patriarchal or misogynistic.

Violence against Women, Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Dept. of Justice cites that:

Every fourth rape takes place in a public area or in a parking garage 68% of rapes occur between the hours of 6 p.m and 6 a.m.

In 29% of rapes, the offender used a weapon.
75% of female rape victims require medical care after the attack In 47% of rapes,the victim sustained injuries other than rape injuries.

At least 45% of rapists were under the influence of alcohol or drugs 29% of female victims reported that the offender was a stranger.

The statistics speak for themselves; and prod the questions:
Why is it that even though most women who have been raped are badly injured physically and emotionally, only a few cases culminate in a conviction?

The number of reported rapes is increasing rapidly ; if women blamed themselves this would not be the case. The trauma of a rape can have immediate physically and psychologically detrimental effects, many a time making the victim unsuitable to identify the man who did what he did to her.

Children have been tried for rape. [[]]

When women are under the influence of drugs such as hallucinogens there is a likelihood that the attack was imagined in entirety. The reason there are very few convictions is because there is rarely sufficient evidence on the basis of which to convict. There is also the amount of time victims waste in moping about the event or denying it that by the time they do profess what happened to them the person who assaulted them has nothing to fear. The victims have showered(leaving little or no evidence on their person and built up the confidence to report the crime(thus looking less victimized; no sympathy from jurors)and the remains of the trauma are latent and undetectable to the untrained layperson`s eye.

Mr Justice Saunders

"I don't think anyone who has sat through this trial would believe that the system we use is ideal."

Do a large number of people still not understand what legally or morally constitutes rape?

Yes because... No because...

And just because people are ignorant about the facts or that certain judges are bigots does not mean otherwise

The number of reported victims is increasing rapidly and convictions are plummeting. This can be blamed on the People`s careless attitude towards a rather mundane and very serious affair. Many men do not believe that manhandling a woman and using her against or without her consent is wrong and many women are bigoted enough to support this idea even more ardently than the misogynistic men do.
As a result serial rape is common even where reports on rapists are made on time.

``The recent Worboys and Reid cases have highlighted that rape is a repeat offence unless the perpetrator is apprehended, but also that women are repeatedly being ignored by police when they report sexual violence. The Soham murder case emphasised this too - Ian Huntley had sexually assaulted a woman previously, but her case was thrown out.``
- [[]]

``And when the government seems minded to believe that those accused of rape may need the protection of privacy too, it is easy to understand why even vindicated rape victims prefer to stay silent.``-

The point on the right about clothes and not sharing beds would make sense if there were no laws protecting wives/girlfriends from being raped by their husbands/boyfriends; how do you avoid sleeping on the same bed as your hubby? and what constitutes as being provocatively dressed? can women not goto nightclubs,the beach or parties or anywhere one cannot be expected to dress like a nun; because certain other women think it`s okay for men to bed them/us against their/our will if they/we do??

The facts:
Approximately 28% of victims are raped by husbands or boyfriends.
Approximately 35% of victims are raped by acquaintances.
Approximately 5% of victims are raped by relatives.-

Most of the people railing out against rape victims and calling for girls to be more responsibly dressed or to drink wisely are women themselves. Many women feel that getting drunk or sleeping on a couch with a man without the intention of sex is rather stupid and those victims who have been raped in this state have only themselves to blame.
-- [[]]

Do a large number of people still not understand what legally or morally constitutes rape?

Yes because... No because...

An article pretending to be a film review of "obsessed' titled "Women who rape men" explains where the confusion lies

The writer claims that female rapists use psychological methods to make men reluctantly have sex with them. And suggests rather ominously that men never play mind games. The writer seems to have confused sexual harassment with rape (which involves more than psychological coercion but manhandling; physically forcing a victim to mate with a person at a time s/he did not consent to the act). Women are easy victims for sexual harassment because it is conducted by men who are above them economically; women are upwardly socially mobile when it comes to mate selection.[[]]
Men however can shirk off the advances of a woman at a higher economic position relatively easily.

Consenting to sex as a result of mind games is still consenting.

Consenting under the influence of alcohol or drugs can or cannot be construed as consent based to the extent that the victim id high/intoxicated; drinking is not the same as being punch-drunk.

Consenting on the basis of blackmail is also under scrutiny depending on what the blackmail is about.

Most male rapists claim that "she was asking for it" or that they gathered this from body language or some other rather obscure form of communication. It is common for men to fantasize that women who are economically/socially superior may or should be interested in them; rapists who are not kith&kin tend to be handymen,plumbers,electricians etc. Men are trained to read signals and signals are not perfect forms of communication and men often misread signals. Women are used to direct approaches from men that women are taught to ignore most of the time as men claim to be joking or kidding around when they flirt. Either way, it is difficult to measure whether a man/woman wants you or not without a serious sure-thing advance by that person.

However; being provocatively dressed in a public setting should not be reason for every man in the same arena to think the sexy woman wants them. Signals are easier to misread than actual words. And men usually overestimate the number of women whom they can potentially have while women tend to underestimate this number. [[]] [[]] [[]]

Harassment can naturally lead to rape.

Agreed that men can be very pushy and play mind games too; whether they are pushier than their female counterparts is an open-ended question.

Men are socially trained to be pushy and aggressive it's thought to be masculine. Women who are pushy or aggressive do so against their social training and to make a point.

The reality that there is a social stigma or complete disbelief against male rape is there. The other reality more relevant to this debate as a whole is that "consent" is not defined legally in as clear-cut fashion as the proposition infers.

"A definition of the term "consent" in rape cases should be placed on the statute book, a Scottish Law Commission report has recommended."-[[]]

In Scotland the law still has not accounted for whether consent is saying yes or not saying no... and what happens when the victim is unconscious. What happens when a victim consents without knowing that s/he is exposing him/herself to the possible contraction of an incurable disease. While English law is clear on this; for now(even though court decisions are made almost entirely at the presiding judge's discretion); laws tend to change rather quickly and often. If people are confused about the definition of rape they are in sync with the confused legality of it; whereas those who understand what rape is are not well read on the differing legal definitions of the act.

In America laws on rape and the definition of consent differ from state to state as with most other U.S laws.

Do a large number of people still not understand what legally or morally constitutes rape?

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False accusations

Backtracking on an accusation does not naturally make it false. What was her motivation for staking such a claim and what was her motivation to revoke it?

It is possible that she received threats from him or felt sorry for him and was not actually lying.

Registered sex-offenders have trouble finding jobs and the damage under the current system cannot be undone.

There are a million reasons for retracting on an accusation and most of them do not center on mendacity.

Many women backtrack on their accusations later on. A certain BBC celebrity accused her ex-boyfriend of raping her 40 times and then later dropped the charges for whatever reason. While only 6% rape cases lead to convictions; say members of the False Rape Society.

Tim Murray

'Thousands of innocent men are tainted for ever by an unfair system,' he said. 'The accused should have the right to remain anonymous until a conviction. If they are cleared, the incident should be erased from their records.'

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