Socialism vs. Capitalism

This is how you will vote if you are for a particular form of economy
Yes- Capitalism
No- Socialism


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Socialism vs. Capitalism

Yes because... No because...

Thankfully not an either/or

actually we increasingly live in a more capitalist world and as for socialism it has never been shown not to work as if you are taking communist countries as your guide they are not good examples of socialism as they are false communism usually trying to shortcut to communism which creates a flawed society

Thankfully we do not live in a world where there has to be extremes. Would you really want to live in a completely capitalist world where everything is dog eat dog, there is practically no government support or welfare. No probably not. Would we want to live in a completely socialist society where there is no reward for good or hard work, well I am sure it appeals to some people but it has been shown not to work.

Fortunately most societies take a middle road. Allowing mostly capitalism with some socialism to help out the needy.

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