Celebrities are doomed to be hated eventually? GRE ISSUE

Is the cost of fame and fortune an eventually slandered/vilified/destroyed reputation?
"The reputation of anyone who is subjected to media scrutiny will eventually be diminished."
The intensity of today's media coverage has been greatly magnified by the sheer number and types of media outlets that are available today. Intense competition for the most revealing photographs and the latest information on a subject has turned even minor media events into so-called "media frenzies".

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Celebrities are doomed to be hated eventually? GRE ISSUE
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Celebrities are doomed to be hated eventually? GRE ISSUE
Yes because...

All celebrities need paparazzi and tabloids to aid in their fame

The main purpose of these 'media' sources is to dig and sometimes fabricate dirt on these celebrities.
(most obvious cases in point: Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton)

Counterargument: Those people do not stay famous for too long.
Name someone?

She doesn't qualify as a standard celebrity; you could call her the exception that proves the rule by Karl Popper.
Other than that she doesn't have much of a reputation as a mother and/or mother-in-law. So might not be an exception. ;;;

Yes, all celebrities do need paparazzi to become famous, to be known by people that don’t you. You are not a celebrity if people don’t know whom you are and people won’t know who you are without the paparazzi.
Unfortunately, the paparazzi likes to make stories bigger then they really are to get people to listen and watch the shows or by their tabloids. The audience loves to hear gossip and know about other people’s lives, it gives people entertainment. It also sometimes makes them feel better about their own life because it is not as bad as their life may be.
For example, the Tiger Woods scandal, when it first came out they started with a small amount of women he had an affair with and then the number kept growing and growing to keep more people interested, and more information came to be public. They didn’t want to throw it all at the public at once, because they wanted them to stay tuned.
So without the paparazzi celebrities wouldn’t be were they are at. They need to be all over the tabloids and in the public eye to be more successful.

No because...

Some celebrities have nothing to hide. and you can not pin anything horrible on them either.

Counter to counter: The queen of England......

Celebrities are doomed to be hated eventually? GRE ISSUE
Yes because...

Everyone has an Opinion

Yes, all celebrities are doomed to be hated eventually because everyone has an opinion, and not everyone can like the person. People are going to dislike a celebrity for just being them.
There are many jealous people out there who dislike celebrities just because they are celebrities and liked by many people and make lots of money compared to others. They get away with more things and think it is not fair that they do.
For example Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have all done many wrong doings with drugs and have been caught but always get off easy in court. If any normal person were to do the same thing countless times like they have, they would be doing more jail time, or have a harsher punishment. But since they are celebrities they get off easy.
So I believe that many celebrities are always going to be hated just for who they are and how they get away with many things, so this is why they are doomed to be hated eventually.

No because...
Celebrities are doomed to be hated eventually? GRE ISSUE
Yes because...

No one is perfect

Yes, because not all celebrities are perfect, no one can be perfect in our world. They are going to be hated because of their one flaw.
No one is perfect and so even if you do not have many flaws known in the public eye, the public is going to elaborate on that one flaw and not hear the full and truth story, so all they have to go off is what they hear on television or magazines.

An example is Tiger Woods, everyone thought that he was the perfect role model for many years and he was very successful at what he did, and he did good things with his money. He was never seen out getting drunk or going out a lot. He was seen as a good husband and father for many years. Until one accident, that showed he was not perfect and since then he lost many fans because of something that happened in his personal life.

No one can be perfect and there are many people out there that will not like a celebrity because of the smallest thing that they did wrong in their eyes.

No because...
Celebrities are doomed to be hated eventually? GRE ISSUE
No because...

Mother teresa

Nobody hates or finds fault in charity workers or missionaries as they do good.

Yes because...

Rumors based on accounts logged in her diary suggesting that mother Teresa was an atheist; spread soon after her death.
While being an atheist may not be a bad thing; pretending to be a good christian while not believing in God is.

Most Church-based-charities are criticized for lavish expenditure on buildings,paintings, clothes,hats and ornaments. If the Vatican were to ask all the churches in the world to sell their valuables; then there would be more than enough money to end world poverty.

Celebrities are doomed to be hated eventually? GRE ISSUE

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