Children from divorced and single parent families are not disadvantaged within society.

Many people within the media at various times have claimed that children from one parent families suffer greatly within society compared with their peers from two parent families. However, these commentators never seem to take into account that there may be good reasons behind the single parent families and that in fact children may be happier living in a single parent family. Although many one parent families do struggle financially, the happiness of the family overall can often be far greater than that of unhappy two parent families who stay together 'for the children'. Often parents don't seem to realise that a child would be happier in a family that, although not together, can communicate successfully and without anger. Nevertheless, this debate should focus on both the positive and negatives of both situations. Those in single parent families wish to be part of the stereotypical 2.4 children family: yet those within unhappy households of the stereotypical family would prefer healthy relationships with their parents apart rather than the unhappiness that can be brought about through families staying together only for the sake of their children.


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Children from divorced and single parent families are not disadvantaged within society.

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Children thrive when out of an unhealthy family environment.

Children may be somewhat suppressed if in an unhealthy family situation. Although not the case with all ‘unhealthy’ family situations some can be violent and abusive furthermore this abuse could go so far as to directly involve the child. Equally if a child of either sex sees violence occurring within a household, this is what the child views as normal and as such as an ‘ok’ thing to do. Therefore situations we observe in a childhood and teen years can directly affect the adult we become the decisions we make.
Therefore, although much heart ache is felt during a divorce, or for single parent families often heart ache can be felt at never having one parent. In this situation children are more likely to succeed in life and become better people if not surrounded by the violence and depression that can arise within families. They will be able to become their own person and concentrate and their own goals in life rather as often happens than worrying about the situation of their parents.

Divorce can potentially create an even more unhealthy environment than an unhappy marriage. Parents inevitably find themselves financially disadvantaged by divorce, and the seperation can cause depression and frustration which the parents may take out on the children. At the very least, their own pain at the divorce may cause parents to pay less attention to the needs of their children than they ought to. In this situation, children can really suffer, not necessarily thrive.

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