gen y-caught and not connected in the web

today's generation is caught in the world of internet...they are caught in the web of social networking sites....though they should have been connected emotionally through such sites but instead they are connected only mechanically....


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gen y-caught and not connected in the web

Yes because... No because...

But why restrict this to gen Y; there are just as many Gen X users(over 40) and users from generations of yore.

The people of today waste most if not a lot of our time on social networking sites.

"More than 500 million active users,50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day,average user has 130 friends and
people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook"-[[]]

The statistics on 'all' social networking sites speak for themselves. [[]]

The "Events" feature on Face-Book and other sites makes it easier for people to arrange get-together-s.

Again, it allows you top stay in touch with and meet people without exchanging phone numbers or home addresses. All you need are names and you can send messages and meetings without crossing the intimate privacy barrier of a phone/house call.

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