Health and safety regulations have gone too far.

Local councils and businesses have become so risk averse in recent years that they refuse to let their employees or the public do the most basic of tasks. In Dudley, England, local people were warned off cutting the grass verge outside their homes because they did not have the correct insurance.


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Health and safety regulations have gone too far.

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It's good that people are warned and therefore protected

Yes, cutting grass feels like a very common safe task but it is not. You could accidentally cut yourself; and if you don't have the insurance where will you go?

It's best to be aware of the risk rather than have ignorant certitude born of erroneous common sense; which entails unwittingly waiting for the storm to come and engulf you.

Prevention is better than cure. What may seem silly now; has life-saving consequences in the future.
If nothing else the people of Dudley will get the required insurance before cutting grass.

Isn't this a point against?

If you cut yourself, you should be thinking about medical aid, not about insurance. Any system where you are forced to think about legal issues and money when you should be focusing on the more pressing issue of being in pain and bleeding is flawed.

People should really be getting taught how to cut grass, not how to get insurance for their mistakes while cutting grass badly, or how to ask others to cut grass for them who have grass-cutting insurance.

Health and safety regulations have gone too far.

Yes because... No because...

Makes life duller, less simple and generally a worse place to be in.

Life is dull without taking any risks. People can't progress if they don't have adventures, learn for themselves and from others with mroe experience what is a sensible or stupid risk. They can't even complete simple practical tasks, like cutting grass. What if nobody dare cut their grass any more and it becomes overgrown? Nobody wants to look at aesthetically poor lawns.

Much of the most irrational health and safety paranoia is over children - who can no longer build things out of egg boxes or toilet rolls, or play conkers in many schools due to insurance issues. Not only is it a lot less fun for them, it affects their innocence - instead of learning to play simple and harmless games, they are learning about insurance, suing people and the 'where there's a blame there's a claim' attitude, all very corrupt.

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