Was I born at 10:30 a.m or 10:00 am???

I'm very confused.
These are the differences on cafe astrology
Moon Trine Ascendant,
Venus Sextile Ascendant,
Venus Conjunction Midheavan,
house 2 pisces,
house 6 cancer,
house 8 virgo,
north node in 3rd house
Neptune Sextile Midheaven,
house 2 Aquarious,
house 6 gemini,
house 8 leo,
north node in 4rth house

Was I born at 10:30 a.m or 10:00 am???

Yes because... No because...

10:30 Moon Trine Ascendant

According to the answers on answers dot com [[http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080628115053AAHu6EH]]
This means that I work very closely with people on a personal level; am creative/artistic, moody(which naturally comes from having a moon in Gemini and is not under dispute). I'm with this person[[http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080628115053AAHu6EH first edit]] 100% on the difficulty in gathering funds point.

Constantly need appreciation? that could be true.

... but I like the Jupiter sextile Ascendant thing too and that is nowhere on either chart.

And my preferences are clouding my objectivity on who I am(I'm looking at what I'd like to be rather than what I feel defines me). And I should know because the Aries south node [[http://www.cafeastrology.com/articles/northnodeinlibra.html]] (that I definitely have: it`s as though someone sat down and listed all my flaws); means that I'm self-centered,know myself and alienate people by being self-involved/self-obsessed. Case in point.

If I know myself then that aspect stated above shouldn't confuse me. Which could just mean that astrology is gibberish but that is not the debate at hand. Focus.

Was I born at 10:30 a.m or 10:00 am???

Yes because... No because...

Venus sextile ascendent

"Your attempts to achieve objective understanding of the world and to relate to other people are strongly in evidence, for your natural approach to the world suggests that you have a good understanding of other people. This will encourage them to have a positive attitude towards you, and you will enjoy a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. It is important that you use your talents constructively, preferably in some sort of work designed to make the world a happier and more peaceful place, because life sometimes seems to come
rather easily to you, and you may be tempted to take happiness for granted.You will enjoy your life even more if you feel that you have yourself made a positive contribution to your own happiness and that of other people."-[[http://www.achernar.btinternet.co.uk/venusaspects.html]]

Question: Who doesn't enjoy being happy and making other people happy?
There is save a seed; hardly lifting off [[http://alumni.worldmun.org/social_ventures/31]]

The description of this aspect feels painstakingly general and boggles my mind.

Either you/I have this aspect or not come to a decision.
I do not sincerely feel like a people person.

And what would encourage people to have a positive attitude towards me; according to this website?
understanding other people? what other people? kidding aside; I think I assume too much when it comes to other people; it's as though I see them from a astigmatic or myopic lens.

This is beyond me...next!

Was I born at 10:30 a.m or 10:00 am???

Yes because... No because...

venus conjunction midheaven

"You may want beauty to feature in your public life. You may choose a career in the arts or the beauty/fashion industry, and you may beautify your surroundings at work. Careers that have something to do with the subject of grace, art, beauty etc, could feature strongly in your chosen profession. A good placement for a Diplomat. The cosmetics industry would probably be a satisfying outlet. A number of people surveyed in the film industry, who have this particular placement follow occupations in which they take on the role of beautifying others in the makeup department, prior to the actors going in front of the cameras. There may be a desire for a job, career or a profession that is more attractive than the average run of the mill type occupations. a job, career or any occupation that involves getting oneself dirty, soiling ones hands, anything grubby or unclean would not sit comfortably for anyone with this configuration. Anything associated with the arts, drama, culture anything that has a degree of refinement will certainly appeal."- [[http://rugdeeaustralia.tripod.com/id18.html]]

I do like to doll up; it is a lot of fun.
Diplomat: Yay! and here I was, thinking I'm absolutely tactless.

When have I ever beautified anyone?

And much as I like to dream: diplomacy is quite possibly beyond me. And I don't mind getting my hands dirty; probably not as a profession though.

Was I born at 10:30 a.m or 10:00 am???

Yes because... No because...

house 2 pisces

Pisces Intercepted in House II
"Gains in some sort of industrial enterprise. A good organiser. Fortunate in material things, but many disappointments involving the affections. Bereavements and inheritances."-
True on the emotional disappointments note.
I can be a good organizer when I'm not surrounded by people who keep moving my stuff around.

but doesn't everyone have emotional disappointments and the inner organizer?
This is hardly cause to believe I was born at 10:30

Was I born at 10:30 a.m or 10:00 am???

Yes because... No because...

house 6 cancer

"The Cancer found the sixth house indicates a tendency to become deeply and emotionally involved in work. The native is very responsive to duties and obligations and a sense of service toward responsibilities of public interest. The public, through the obligations which it imposes on the native, generally shapes his/her emotional responses. As a supervisor, such people are as a rule very understanding and concerned about the welfare of their employees"--[[http://www.gotohoroscope.com/houses-in-chart-6th.html]]
I do get protective of young people working under my wing.
and my favorite line in Erin Brockovich is "Not personal! That is my work, my sweat, and my time away from my kids! If That is not personal, I don't know what is!" -[[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0195685/quotes]]
So, I guess that part is true too.

Yes, but I've never really been anybody's boss. Well, sometimes I'm responsible and not at other times;everybody's like that.

Was I born at 10:30 a.m or 10:00 am???

Yes because... No because...

Virgo in eighth house

"This position of Mercury is also favorable because the native is swept into new opportunities or out of worn-out situations by the tide of circumstances, which is generally an intervention of fate. Since the Virgo personality generally does not sufficiently exercise what control he/she has over duty assignment, here at least fate takes over and sets the course in a progressive and expedient direction. These people can succeed in occupations requiring close attention to detail and investigative skills, such as chemist or psychologist. This sign suggests a restrained or constrained sex life as well"-

Okay; granted this is true for me but I'm sure it could be be applied to any/every other unmarried Pakistani woman.
You get suspicious as you are taught to be on edge to not trust. We're not happy go lucky hippie Californians: trusting and loving everyone around us. There should be a film called once upon a time in Karachi(in answer to "Once upon a time in Mexico") with suicide bombers,serf-jailing-oxford-educated-feudal lords, rapists/molesters et al. Yes, there are more positives than negatives but
that doesn't alter the need to be on constant edge.

Culturally, a restrained(read non-existent) sex-life is also pretty much part of the deal. So, again I agree but there could be external factors causing these aspects in my character that have nothing to do with natal/astral influences.

However there are exceptions to the rule and my not being an exception may give some weight to this side of this debate.

The fault dear Brute is not in mine stars but mine self
that we are underlings-

As appealed on the left; there's quite a lot of confusion.
Asserting once again that astrology is total bunkum; knowing full well the irrelevance of the assertion in this debate.

Was I born at 10:30 a.m or 10:00 am???

Yes because... No because...

10:00 a.m Neptune Sextile Midheaven

But I have absolutely no interest in pharmaceuticals and everybody wants to be part of the act.

Who doesn't want to entertain people?
Or understand them/us?

"Neptune in Conjunction, Trine, Sextile to Midheaven
You'll do well to pursue a career where you can put your imaginative talents to use. You may experience a time of career confusion, along with seemingly aimless drifting before you settle firmly into a profession. That's OK because you'd rather pursue your ideal work. Some call this following your bliss. Consider some of the following career potentials: acting, any of the helping professions, working as a healer, undercover agent, psychologist, or in the arts (music, singing, dancing, painting), psychic channeling, anything connected to the sea, writing novels, or working in the field of chemistry and pharmaceuticals."-[[http://www.skyviewzone.com/astrology/aspectsneptune.htm]]

This feels like me; I am confused-career-wise. I would love to act/sing/dance or if all else fails throw myself into social work with Zahra and Ted (along with hundreds of other people). Frustrating;this is.

Was I born at 10:30 a.m or 10:00 am???

Yes because... No because...

house 2 aquarius

I tend to be possessive about presents and my art. These are material/tangible things and are important to me.


The influence of Aquarius suggests that you are impersonal about money and possessions, and material factors can never rule your life. You are creative and even original in your methods of earning a living. It is not uncommon with this sign for individuals to have unstable incomes and derive most of funds from free-lance methods. Often income comes from capitalizing on technology and the discoveries of modern science. You are spontaneous in your earning; impulsive and even nervous when you spend. You are unafraid to take chances financially, and you look for unusual and inventive ways to invest. "

This could be true I don't have a career.

Was I born at 10:30 a.m or 10:00 am???

Yes because... No because...

Moon in gemini in the sixth house

While I do have a Gemini moon irrespective of birth time and therefore feel connected to the sentiment/desire behind the paragraph. I do not feel that my ideas are in sharp concrete focus at all.


Here we have the worker who gets the other people on the job to open up and share ideas and observations. For artistic or technical types, this placement could refer to a brilliant combination of skill and ability to convey information and meaning. For the counselor, there could be encouragement and the constant reinforcement of the belief that we all share in common experiences and are all brothers and sisters. Variety and stimulating ideas and conversations are common to both Gemini and the 6th house as is optimism and the feeling that each day is getting just a little bit better. This type of encouragement is so important for the Gemini Moon because the 6th house puts many of its abstract ideas into sharp concrete focus. It is both sides of Mercury, the theoretical and the realistic that come together when they combine

I wish.[[http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081015155221AAaZWPb]]

Was I born at 10:30 a.m or 10:00 am???

Yes because... No because...

when Leo is in The 8-th House

What physical side of romance?
What business?
What knowledge of how to get what I want?

Does anyone know what we want?

I think 10:30 makes more sense.

"The influence of this sign in the eighth house gives a large capacity for the physical side of romance. There is also a much creative energy directed toward business and large scale investments. Money making becomes a game to be enjoyed. In maturity, native has a solid sense of self-worth and a knowledge of how to get what he/she wants out of people and out of life in general. As generous as he/she can be, the native insists on controlling the purse strings of the joint or business finances. "-[[http://www.gotohoroscope.com/houses-in-chart-8th.html]]

If only I was in the game, then I'd know if I'd enjoy it.
I know I don't enjoy not making money.

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