Is Homer Simpson the Greatest TV or Film character of all time?

D’oh! Homer Simpson has been voted the greatest TV character of the last 20 years(from 1990 not all-time). He would seem to be lacking in most of the qualities of greatness except for in comedy which is perhaps what makes him so endearing to us.

But could he be the greatest TV or film character since the year 1990?

Is Homer Simpson the Greatest TV or Film character of all time?
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Is Homer Simpson the Greatest TV or Film character of all time?
Yes because...

What did the 90s and the last decade have to offer in T.V?

Since when is greatness a prerequisite for fame/entertainment?

Homer makes lots of money(for what would otherwise be a menial job, because of the cancer/radiation scare and the high salaries that N.P.P.s have to pay workers as a result.) working at a nuclear power-plant.So he's economically better-off than most people with only a high school diploma(and that with the worst grades). His life is always interesting(he says so himself quite often). He speaks to everyone's inner child and to every puerile husband's fed-up but endearing wife.

Men want to be him: slack off all day, drink beer, eat doughnuts; have a loving forgiving wife, raise an academically competent daughter and popular son, meet/hang-out-with celebrities all the time, always have something interesting to do and that too effortlessly.

Compared to everything else that first appeared on our T.V screens after 1990 Homer Simpson takes the cake; he has it all.

Counter: Although the ogre does have his attractions; Homer was/is the funny fat loser unconventional hero archetype. That is Homer Simpson came first.

Seinfeld's mature content inhibits younger viewers from tuning in; thus has/had lower ratings; less votes.

Harry potter was stuck at number 2 because it's harnesses audiences that are almost all younger than 35.

Ah yes it does; but it's still a cartoon so people from all age groups watch it.

No because...

The 90s and the last decade had a lot to offer in different genres of television.

Why couldn't Shrek be the best character of the last two decades?
he fills all the requirements listed on the left and more. He burps and farts; you never see Homer flatulent.

or Seinfeld; for that matter? smart,funny,entertaining... starred in and wrote perhaps the most watched non-cartoon of the 90s.

The Simpsons features and has featured a truckload of mature content. Especially in the last decade.

Counter-to-counter-to-counter: Making him a cartoon does not make the content any more appropriate for children.

Is Homer Simpson the Greatest TV or Film character of all time?
Yes because...

He epitomises every man

Yes, we may think it crude, yes we may think his behaviour/behavior is lacking in purpose or intelligence, but as a character goes he has everything a great one should have. He is memorable. He is likable. People are able to relate to him. We can pick up on certain of Homer's thoughts and recognise/recognize them from the people around us.

This makes Homer and instant hit. People can recognise/recognize Homer's thought patterns and whilst not all men may have all of these traits, there is certainly a piece of Homer in everyone, and that is what makes him such a great character.

Counter: But Jim being arrogant,smug and self-righteous as he is, is not even half as likable as Homer; who always apologizes for or/alternatively worries about negative consequences.

No because...

The same can be said about Jim from"According to Jim" but he's not even in the top 100.

To universalize Homer-isms is a little extreme; not all men have epicurean tastes, paunches,bald spots and no college degree.
In fact some men are like Duff man(can't imagine him drooling over a doughnut) or Flanders or Barney or Lenny or Apu or Skinner or Moe or Montgomery Burns or the Scottish Janitor or... I could go on.

He hardly epitomises/epitomizes all men; granted his behavior is recognizable as embarrassing if he's kith/kin and/or entertaining if he isn't related/connected to you.

Is Homer Simpson the Greatest TV or Film character of all time?
Yes because...

he exposes our flaws

Homer is not politically correct. He is not meant to be. This does not stop him being a great character. He exposes who we are, and shows us the reality of our actions. Ironically, by dramatising/dramatizing and exaggerating human flaws, humans can suddenly see the reality behind why these mannerisms are frowned upon in the first place. If we see a tiny part of our selves being similar to Homer, we begin to think about changing ourselves. We think about our own existence. Only a true character could inspire people in this way, and this is what Homer does.

No because...

Hey, Homer would resent that.

Homer has good qualities: he's kind, well-meaning, gentle,confident,fun-to-be-around,friendly,lucky....

He is not retarded /stupid; he is lazy though and wrings Bart's neck a lot(Why you little...)

Actually we don't think about changing the bit of Homer in us. In fact Homer is set as being above/better than his more religious(Flanders),better-looking,better-educated(the school bus driver studied at Brown),richer(Burns),younger(the kids),more-intelligent(Lisa),famous(all the celeb guests),fit(Duff-man) etc counterparts in the series.

To be honest, i feel you described Peter Griffin much more than you did Homer Simpson....

Is Homer Simpson the Greatest TV or Film character of all time?
Yes because...

we accept his flaws

Homer Simpson is truly a great character as he gives makes people feel empathy and sympathy. Despite him being a belligerent husband to Marge and a violent dad towards his son, people cannot help but love Homer.

Despite his flaws, people see the goodness in him. This is an ability that people should take with their lives more often. The more people view Homer, the more empathy they have, and the more likely they are to feel it in the real world setting. This should be nothing but praised.

No because...

We see the goodness in him because he has a good/child-like heart.

He isn't evil in any sense. He's always portrayed as innocent/well-meaning/well-intentioned.

Marge loves him; and does put her foot down when she's had enough. And then he goes after her,does something incredibly sweet and she softens for him; because despite everything he is a good person/husband/provider. So he pulls a number of stunts but he doesn't do it to hurt her; ever.

As for Bart. Bart=brat; and while wringing his neck isn't acceptable, it's a cartoon; people get hit/pounded/smashed by all sorts of things and come out absolutely fine; the action must not be taken literally.

Is Homer Simpson the Greatest TV or Film character of all time?
Yes because...

He is funny, and makes people happy and laugh

He cracks jokes

No because...

so doesnt bugs bunny...

Is Homer Simpson the Greatest TV or Film character of all time?
No because...

While the Simpsons is the most popular/recognisable cartoon...

Homer isn't necessarily the most popular character in it or even the definitive main character. Bart is more of a main character and shown on more merchandise, is the focus of the most comics, is the main character of the first Simpsons video game etc. Opinion among fans is divided, I personally prefer Maggie as she is capable of so much compared to most babies and has more personality, but she is still recognisably a baby, and how she develops well even though she is mostly ignored. The Simpsons has a character to appeal to and gain sympathy from everyone, it isn't just about one character.

Yes because...

Is Homer Simpson the Greatest TV or Film character of all time?

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