pope benedict should resign ?

We have seen many religious figures of authority and per example the Pope of the catholic church is a main one (the main one). However during the last few weeks there has been a scandal on paedophilia in the catholic church, It is acclaimed that the church has been covering up what priests do to kids. This is called the policy of "cover up" the victims of abuse sign a secrecy agreement or are led to believe it's their fault they were abused or the victims parents are persuaded/convinced that their child's claims are false that he's delirious. The abuser/priest or other religious figure are moved or relocated. This has been going on for quite a few years.

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pope benedict should resign ?
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pope benedict should resign ?
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Not only is it the pope's duty to ensure the safety of his follower's and not only is it his duty to be honest and admit he's in the wrong by covering it up, he must resign. Why? simple because not only did he indirectly harm all the victims maybe even causing them a life time of scarring and trauma, he also lied. The messenger of God lied, the man who say's/knows/interprets the bible lied, out right just to protect men who were somehow accepted into the ranks of the catholic church and then instead of facing charge's were simply put in another location so when the pope did this he made this open for his resignation by meddling in society's laws. The pope not only has not given these deviants/miscreants/criminals to the police he hasn't given a formal apology to these families. The Pope some would say has had and agenda in protecting pedophiles. Do I dare ask where his hands have been in besides holy water to purify himself?

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pope benedict should resign ?

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June 29, 2016 10:07 am

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