Are Jonas Brothers Good?

This band of 3 brothers have risen their way up the american charts,are they good? or are they just appealing to teenage girls because of their looks.


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Are Jonas Brothers Good?

Yes because... No because...


They are good.

That has nothing to do with the argument. You completely avoided talking about their music but rather "some music" while just complementing them saying they look good. I am not a Jonas Brothers fan, nor do i much care for their style of music, but people who like that style, love the band (or did, theyre more of a faded phase). Just because you don't like the style doesn't mean they weren't good. You have to realize that if they became popular, they did something that go their music to the top of the charts, whether it was what the looked like that made them or not, they got people listening to their music and they hit the charts. End of story.

if they were three fat slobs singing the same songs and performing in the same Disney shows, they would not be popular.

Everyone knows fat kids are automated into the stand-up-comedy bloc while `good-looking`kids are put into the pop-star/model bloc in nickelodeon/Disney.

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