Will David Cameron be a better Prime Minister for Jews than Gordon Brown?

A Conservative government would ban extremist Islamist groups, refuse visas to hate preachers and insist that universities identify and root out radicals promoting violence, antisemitism and other racial intolerance on campus, David Cameron has told the JC. But do you believe him? And do you trust the Tories after their connections with right-wing Polish MEP Michal Kaminski? Or have Jews had a much worse time under Gordon Brown's Labour Party?

Will David Cameron be a better Prime Minister for Jews than Gordon Brown?

Yes because... No because...

Gordon Brown has failed Israel

Under Gordon Brown's leadership, we have had the most anti-Israel government ever, a government who did not vote against the Goldstone Report at the UN, condemned Operation Cast Lead purely to secure more Muslim votes and have utterly failed the Jewish community on Universal Jurisdiction.

The Tories say they would have voted against Goldstone at the UN and that they would have changed Universal Jurisdiction to prevent a private individual being able to obtain an arrest warrant for visitors from abroad. We have to trust they will step up to the mark where Labour has failed

What a party says it will do and what it does when it is in power are two entirely different things. So it is easy for Cameron to say he would have voted against Goldstone, but with pressure from Europe would he? Probably as the conservatives are not very European. On Universal Jurisdiction on the other hand things would be much more difficult. What can be done, change the law? it is hardly a quick fix option especially when most of the time it is a good thing that we have Universal Jurisdiction as it means we can potentially catch unsavoury characters such as people involved in the drugs trade or dictators and their subordinates who have been involved in crimes in Africa and who are not likely to be brought to justice there. Changing the law for the sake of one country that sharply divides opinions might therefore be difficult to manage especially if there is no absolute majority in the commons.

Will David Cameron be a better Prime Minister for Jews than Gordon Brown?

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More right wing generally means more atlantacist

More right wing governments are usually more atlantacist and less pro European (though not always - it was a conservative government who took us into the EC with opposition from Labour). Europe tends to be much more critical of Israel in its foreign policy than the USA so it should follow that a more right wing government is likely to be broadly more pro-Israeli.

Will David Cameron be a better Prime Minister for Jews than Gordon Brown?

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International Law & errors

Power of right in International Law is confusing.
The ownership of resources to the centre of the Earth is a supposed right but all the technology and skills needed water the maxim down a lot. The proper use of resources is a better legal view and it takes a lot of good faith and bible to evaluate that properly.

The USA has gone overboard with the Muslim after all the terror and Bush and Obama and Blair are doing the usual nasty of bending over backwards to the most evil major religion which believes in war and execution of dominated leaders so they control the politics instead.

The Hague International Law is also very wrong in many points and the blacks have biased things very wrongly in the Muslim favour as well over questions of racialism which makes fair game the tends for Homosapiens of one colour skim which is not the creators law. Far better in all is the balanced spectrum which is a fairer law of the Great Creator
and fits with the rise of Nation States and sensible Groups as Federal, Commonwealth, Empires etc. going on to a good evaluation of Earth's position in engineering, populations and finance giving a real group theoretical view of periodic tables and Molecules of Nations States with economic protons and neutrons helping to move the isotopic Nation States to the more stable and better quality of life.

The way Muslim have been allowed to dominate with evil is weakness and must be stopped with all the power of the West and that will mean limiting the exploitation of oil which is giving huge economic wealth the Sunnite and Shiites and Nigerians and Asians etc who have not the ability needed to make earth progress while the technical leaders are burdened with debt and frustration and desire for false world trends.
I think Israel and UK might survive this crisis but Blair and his Muslim stance with is with Bush and brown has been dictatorial so Cameron and Eton have the say. The Lib Dem 'doodle bug' leadership conviction should rule them out as should Roy Jenkins and the odd EU. UK is going down fast since H Wilson made us a second class nation and the Torah rules could be a way back though the role of female has made us unstable and the drains have made anarchy not good government the control factor.

Man as God is worse than oil as God or the Dollar or Art without the more fundamental work of the Great Creator in all things. The light gene needs its rights in Europe before the 3rd world threats of massive population and low quality of life
and has the technical know-how to keep an Empire round the world but all the migrations are sever limitation on situations that need government skill not political aggro power and mad mob rule as has been the order for several decade.
A good welfare state and good international wealth making and careful budget control in GPF values has promise but non of the western powers blend them well.

Whoever gets the vote will crush sectors because of sacrifice views and lack of plasmoid understanding of Fermion and Bosons in all the created objects.

If we can impress the Universal mind constantly with the better views then the Earth and 6 billion+people will be able to achieve much better effects for all than seems likely in the current frame of mind.

Will David Cameron be a better Prime Minister for Jews than Gordon Brown?

Yes because... No because...

Hmm the PM who calls the Star of David the Jewish Cross...

This man knows nothing about us, doesn't care about our opinions and never has.
I was at a Labour Friends of Israel (contradiction in terms, I know) reception where this oaf refereed to the Star of David as "the Jewish Cross." THE JEWISH CROSS!?!

This man is supposed to be a statesman, he can't name the star on the Israeli flag I bet he could name the type of gun on the flag Mozambique.

You are addressing a group that promotes friendly relations with our biggest partner in the Med and you don't know anything about the subject matter on which you have to speak.

David Cameron is a good chap, he is talking the talk and will walk the walk. He plans to outlaw the extremist groups who aim to threaten us, to harm us and to murder us, and just seams to give a damn, where Brown and Co just care about the Alan Sugars and Lord Levy's of the world who will finance the Labour party until it is no longer in their interest.

Will David Cameron be a better Prime Minister for Jews than Gordon Brown?

Yes because... No because...

They will say anything to anyone

David Cameron will make a better PM for Jews because the Conservative Party is inherently less anti-zionist. To put it at its simplest...the Conservatives, at the next election, will return less anti-zionist MP's than Labour. Of course, the reason for this, is that The Left in the Labour Party are usually anti-zionist.

This is all pointless electioneering. It's typical of Cameron-speak "We will banish extremists". What does that MEAN Dave? How are you going to do that? Come up with something concrete.

The Tories will be a load of guff and hot air like they always are. Gordon Brown and David Miliband, after the election, if they have no more votes to win will step up to the mark on Universal Jurisdiction. I know they believe in it. I don't know anything about Cameron because the man will just say anything popular.

They are totally untrustworthy.

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