Does John Terry deserve to remain as England Captain?

The captain of a team, especially the national football team needs to be seen as upstanding and without fault. He has to have good relations with all the members of the team, and to be trusted by the team in order to be a good leader. Does Terry deserve to still be trusted and respected by his team mates?

Does John Terry deserve to remain as England Captain?

Yes because... No because...

Private lives should be kept private

Terry's performance on the field and at home are two separate things.And should remain demarcated. His personal life has no bearing on his merit as a player.

His talent,skill and performance has been to his merit for the whole period/duration of his 'alleged' affair.That is, his performance on the field/pitch did not suffer.

However overplaying allegations and tarnishing his name with ruthless gossip by lifting the injunction can theoretically affect his performance; if that is what is being inferred.

But what happens on the pitch will be affected by what has occurred off of the pitch. This is one of the fascinating aspects of football which make it so different from most other sports. Crowd atmosphere plays a large part in football. A positive crowd can make a team feel so thrilled that they perform better. Compare this to being taunted with the line “Same old Terry, always cheating”. This will alter his performance. He will feel that people are there not to watch his skills, but to see him sweat under pressure. This will make him increasingly nervous and will affect how he plays.

Then there is the argument that being a captain is not about being a great footballer, but being a great team player. Terry maybe a player, but he certainly does no favours for the team.

Does John Terry deserve to remain as England Captain?

Yes because... No because...

Miss.Vanessa Perroncel is in the middle of a bidding war, profiting from this mess

Vanessa Perroncel does not have the best of reputations as far as loyalty and ethics are concerned. And her intentions/motives are very suspect. Did she have affairs with Footies to blackmail them? Did she have a single affair or does she like making it look as though she did?

She seems to be bent on ending his career and helping herself to a lot of money in the process. [[]]

If an affair did happen she was milking him out of a lot of cash and is probably following the same trend.

Terry's wife Toni is standing by him on this one hundred percent. And has taken the kids to Dubai to shield them from the football/scandal obsessed British media.[[]]

If there was any substantial proof that there was an affair it would no longer be called alleged.

The judge should not have lifted the injunction before the verdict was in(it is still alleged).

Toni trusts Terry and she won't leave him. Despite how bad things are looking from a future income standpoint.

This argument has little to do with whether John Terry should be captain or not. Regardless of whether someone is profiting from it, regardless of whether the wife decides to take Terry back or not, the fact of the matter is he is now a figure of disgrace that would hinder England’s chances of being a success at the World Cup. Being part of the England squad is about being a good player, and no one is denying him of this. But being the Captain is being a national representative and Terry no longer deserves to have this honour. Regardless of whether the allegations are true or not, he attempted to cover up the fact that he was hiding anything. The super injunction that was refused to him would have meant that newspapers would not even be allowed to talk about the fact that Terry had taken an injunction out. By acting so covertly, he does not deserve one of the most public positions on a national squad.

Does John Terry deserve to remain as England Captain?

Yes because... No because...

Chelsea & England team members support him, his wife Toni supports him; a rarity when it comes to infidelity

-innocent until proven guilty.

"Chelsea Support Terry. Chelsea football club have publicly offered their full support to John Terry and his family over the 'personal matter' that has been publicised"-

Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has thrown his support behind under-fire John Terry, after the Blues skipper was stripped of the England captaincy by Fabio Capello on Friday, insisting that he has a "very strong character".-[[]]

"If the private life of one player doesn't involve or impinge upon his professional life, I don't have a problem,'' Ancelotti said. "If John comes to the training ground but is not able to train because he's tired or nervous, I can be interested then.
"But he comes here and trains very well. He's always ready to train, always focused, always involved. He didn't kill anybody. Here, he will find a good place to stay."

England players also sent their support in texts,emails and phone calls after the injunction was lifted and before he lost his England captaincy.[[]]

And this has become a classic case of femme fatale shattering a man's life.


No one except the opposition blamed the wife; so yes Agreed it's an ignorant standpoint but also that I'm not the one holding it.

Perhaps a pre-nup(tial agreement) was signed before their marriage; so she's living it up in Dubai(?) off the money she would lose in the event of a divorce?

BUT HANG ON they got married before he was rich and there was no pre-nup and she would realistically get a lot of money in the event of a divorce, so hmm, why isn`t his wife Toni, at all upset???

You're upset but she who, should be upset if things are as you claim, she who won't get anything out of not being upset and will get much out of being upset; isn't.
I wonder why that is.

Why did not a single England Or Chelsea team player support ratting out on Terry or publicly condemn what he 'allegedly' did?

Why did they on the contrary send their condolences and best wishes and oppose the judge's decision to publicly unveil the 'allegations'?

The only information there is, is that Terry got Ms.P an abortion, other people have gotten her abortions before; maybe she just doesn't like getting them all by herself?

An abortion is an ordeal and going for it alone can be taxing.
Is it impossible for a 28 yr old to be pregnant with somebody else's baby and relying on a good old friend, the best friend of her former boyfriend in fact, to help her through the operation?

Point being,whatever happened Ms.P got a nice pay-off and Terry hugely lost out.

That means she is being REWARDED for her part. Even though if we go with 'Your' version of the story she willingly had an affair with a married man, whose wife she was very chummy with.

Nobody's saying Terry's a non-player nor that the hype is 'entirely' her fault. But that she is not only Scott-free; she is getting more money and fame for her alleged antics.

‘Femme fatal’ shattering a man’s life? Of course, for it is always the women’s fault when a man plays away. His wife should have given him more of what he wanted so that he wouldn’t have strayed. Vanessa should have resisted all his charm. Terry does not deserve to lose his captaincy because it is the two women who are to blame for this sorry mess… what a truly ignorant standpoint to hold.

It was Terry who had the wife, it was Terry who had the affair, Terry took the chance on his own career and therefore Terry deserves to face the consequences.

Does John Terry deserve to remain as England Captain?

Yes because... No because...

Its called a private life because its meant to be private!

John Terry should remain as England captain because although this scandal involves another player as well, all this doesn't change the way he plays and people should still support him as they did before a service is available to do this, if you go onto the John Terry fan club site you can leave a message of support for him, his wife and children. All his fans should believe in just as they did before!

If you wish your life to be private you do not go into public roles. John Terry would have seen a number of footballer scandals before he became a high profile footballer. He knows the public risks that are involved. He knows that becoming a footballer for a large club means that every action you take will be inspected. Every move followed. Every mistake reported on. This is what comes with the role of footballer. To act disgracefully is to become a national disgrace. How can a national disgrace lead the national football team as captain? He cannot! He knew the risks, he rolled the dice and he lost.

Does John Terry deserve to remain as England Captain?

Yes because... No because...

His personal life does not affect his ability to lead/ play football.

His sporting life and personal life are separate and should not over cross at all.

Does John Terry deserve to remain as England Captain?

Yes because... No because...

The Captain of the England team should be a source of national pride

He's the captain of the football team not the P.M or President.
You can be proud of his game.

Look at the 1992 cricket world-cup for Pakistan. We weren't proud of Imran Khan's playboy reputation in London or the possible illegitimate child with Sita White(?) but we were proud of the victory,

Sita White's daughter played/plays an acidic role in any election Mr.Khan tried/tries to run in but that did/does not alter the fact that he is admired as a cricketer and no one would/did disqualify him from playing even though he doesn't fit Pakistani standards of character.

Point is; a player's personal life is irrelevant to the game. He has to play well and yes he won't have his reputation back but England deserves a fair shot at the world-cup after a series of disappointing defeats; confusion over captaincy cannot help matters.

And Most Importantly, the 'allegations of the affair' are still 'allegations'; nothing else. Granted they are very likely to be true; given how he paid for her abortion but there is no definitive proof that they were aborting his baby/fetus. Sometimes things are not what/how they seem.

Maybe the 'victim'-friend got chummy with his ex and urged Terry to pay for the abortion and was really just miffed about it coming out? The possibilities are endless and anything can be alleged.
Truth is stranger than fiction. But when we don't know we don't know and the most obvious idea can easily be countered with another probability.

The Captain of the team that feats the world cup is never forgotten. The role is treasured in football and on a national level it’s what people remember for years to come; the captain lifting the world cup before bringing it home. The press would be manic if England won the World Cup. We would not be able to go to the bathroom without seeing another photo of that captain lifting that World Cup. But how could the nation be proud of a team fronted by John Terry after his recent misdemeanour? With so much bad press surrounding him, having him lead us through the world cup would be a source of disgust not pride.

Does John Terry deserve to remain as England Captain?

Yes because... No because...

He is no longer motivating for the team.

There are allegations that at least 5 Chelsea players slept with Vanessa so it is not very probable that they are afraid for their significant others cheating on them with 'Terry'. They clearly blame the girl and have not once voiced any disapproval of Terry yet.

Again, these(including the alleged affair with Terry) are just allegations; for now.

Maybe this girl just has a very bad reputation.

"None of the players are suggesting that Terry needs to be stripped of the captaincy, or that he has lost the their respect within the camp. That will be a vital ingredient in saving Terry from the axe as England captain, if indeed, that is the final decision of Capello, who returns to his desk on Thursday morning after a long lay-off recuperating from major knee surgery."-[[]] This was before Capello sacked Terry. Please consider the facts before postulating probabilities.

How can you lead a team forward into a World Cup victory when they are all worried about you taking their partners away! The role of a Captain is to bind the team, to build team spirit; how can he do this after having an affair with Wayne Bridge’s ex girlfriend? There is an unwritten rule that you do not go after your friend’s ex-partners; this rule is even more crucial when it comes to football team mates – national ones at that. Terry broke this rule, and just as friendships end over this matter, so should his captaincy.

Does John Terry deserve to remain as England Captain?

Yes because... No because...

The England captain should be a role-model for his team and fans!

England captains should realise that they won't have private life and that they will be scrutinised for what they do. Captains need to be the same on the football field as they are on the outside. He has ruined his friendship with one of his loyal friends, Wayne Bridge. This then hurt Bridge so much that he wouldn't go to the World Cup 2010. In addition, when Terry was at the World Cup, he slated Capello publicly, instead of being grown-up and talking to him privately. England deserves a captain who will not be hypocritical and will lead England on and off the pitch.

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